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Happy Birthday, Hadley!

We drove the 8 hours to Arkansas on Hadley’s actual birthday. We arrived at Nana’s house and Hadley opened her first gifts.

Cady helped.

What a cute little Birthday Girl!

The following Sunday, we threw Hadley a birthday party attended by our family and closest friends. I think First birthdays shouldn’t be too over the top, so we kept it small and simple. It was perfect. I had been planning a Nursery Rhyme themed party probably since before Hadley was born. I had a ton of cute ideas. Then I got into the logistics of the party. We decided to have it at a park in our hometown. A park means outside. In November. Yeah…. I’m a little crazy. Really though, it was the best option. They have these really nice pavilions, and most of them have fireplaces inside. Possible cold weather. Fireplaces. S’mores just seemed such a natural choice. So the Nursery Rhyme theme was out the window and “One is S’MORE fun!” was in.

I decided against going real theme-y with her outfit. Or even getting a “birthday shirt” I got her something she can wear again (as long as it fits) that would be appropriate if it was cold.

For the S’more theme we obviously had the makings of S’mores. But not just your plain old marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolates. I found 7 or 8 different flavors of marshmallows, several graham cracker flavors, and I grabbed a few different kinds of chocolates. I made a S’mores bar for everyone to put together their own gourmet S’mores.

But you can’t have a birthday party without cakes/cupcakes. Continuing with the theme, a local bakery was able to whip up some (DELICIOUS) S’more cupcakes, and a smash cake for Hadley.

Hadley, being the food lover that she is, had no problem digging right into her smash cake.

Even though she loved it so much, she was sweet and willing to share.

Cake = HUGE success

I, unfortunately, didn’t get many pics of our guests. Poppa was there

So, was my BFF, Jenny. She brought Hadley’s bff, Charlotte, with her.

The girls’ cousin, Jonathan was there. He and Cady got along very well and had a great time together.

And just a few of that sweet older sister. She just melts me.


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12 Months

Happy 12 Months Hadley Elizabeth!

I’m a little late on this post. We traveled back to Arkansas on Hadley’s actual birthday, so I wasn’t able to post then. I did get her sweet little picture before we left. So I am back dating this post for my own reference.

Hadley is a bit of a contradiction. She is a shy girl. She is timid and definitely takes her time getting to know anyone. But I don’t know that I consider her introverted. She is emotional and has a definite temper, and she definitely lets people know it. She isn’t as laid back as Cady was at this age.

We discovered, during our trip to Arkansas, that she isn’t the best traveler. I’m not giving up on her yet though. She did much better driving home than she did going to. So I’m holding out hope that she will get better with a little experience.

She started walking this month! She seems to do things a little out of order with everything though. She was crawling (or her version of it) before she would sit up on her own. Now she walks, and she is all over the place, before she is able to stand on her own. I definitely learned to just let her figure it out and not stress about it during the crawling thing, so I know that she will get it soon. So I don’t consider her a full time walker, but any day now.

I don’t have any stats because I haven’t even scheduled her 12 month appointment yet (Meep! Gotta get on that!). We had a wonderful birthday party for her back in Arkansas and I will be writing that post up right after this one and scheduling it for tomorrow.

I really am in awe that this year has gone by so fast. Hadley has just brought so much joy into all three of our lives. I love every day better than the last because of Cady and Hadley and their interactions. I don’t know which adores the other more.

We love you, Hadley Elizabeth!

Comparison pics:

And her first year of Monthly Pics

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Family Pics 2011

We got our family pictures taken a coupleĀ  of weeks ago. We used the same photographer that took Hadley’s newborn pics. I love her work. It is so simple and just perfect. This is picture heavy. I only plan on posting like half of them. Just some of my favorites.

One Year Ago Today: 39 Weeks

Three Years Ago Today: 9 Months

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45 Months Old

Happy 45 Months Cady Cupcake!

Not a lot of time for a big post. Just know that this is the funniest, smartest 45 month old on the planet. Life would definitely be a lot less exciting without her around.

We love you Cady Cupcake!!!

1 Year Ago Today: 33 Months

2 Years Ago Today: 21 Months


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Day 1

Well my patient has survived the first day. I’m not so confident I have. I am EXHAUSTED! There is a reason newborns don’t weigh 35 pounds. I’m going to need a chiropractic appointment, a massage, and a stiff drink after this is all over.

She had a few visitors today which just thrilled her little soul. A boy brought her flowers, even! (Thanks, Owen!). Ms. Rebecca and Ms. Brittany also also brought her a cake. Thanks y’all. We also have had so many calls, texts and emails/facebook messages. It has meant so much to me. Especially since I am feeling a little cut out and stuck in the house.

She is scheduled to see the ortho on Wednesday. So, if you are a pray-er, say one for us. Specifically, for me to have patience with her and for her that she won’t be in pain and that things will go smoothly at the doctor on Wednesday. And if you aren’t a pray-er, just send out some good thoughts for us. We will take what we can get.

I will definitely update after her dr’s appt.

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Another Mom Milestone

Why do all these seem not so fun?

I dealt with the first stomach viruses a few weeks ago. And today, we had our first ER trip complete with a broken bone.

We headed to a friend’s house for a little going away get together. Cady headed straight to the bounce house in the backyard. She wasn’t inside for 5 minutes before she came out bawling. All I could get out of her is that her leg hurt because she “bended it.” I, at first, thought she was being a bit dramatic. It was lunchtime and she hadn’t eaten yet. I got her calmed down and sat her down with a plate of food. Even after that, she still was refusing to put weight on her left leg. We decided to head home. I was still on the fence about how badly she was hurt. She took a nap and I hoped she would wake up and be able to bear weight. No such luck, so we headed to the ER clinic.

Luckily, a brand new ER clinic just opened next to our house. It is super nice. They took such good care of Cady. We were only there for an hour and a half or so. They took xrays and determined that she has a buckle fracture of the proximal tibia. It is right at her knee. I think the treatment for such is normally a cast, but they want us to follow up with an orthopedist this week, so they just put a splint on it to immobilize it.

At the time, I was surprisingly calm about it all. She wasn’t in pain unless she put weight on it or moved it. No big deal. We left the ER and headed home. Once we got home, it started hitting me how difficult this might be. Plus, it means no activities for a few weeks. No school (I haven’t broken the news on that one yet. She is going to be devastated). No dance class, which means no Christmas performance. Also devastating. I am hoping that when we go to the ortho that they will say this is all a mistake and she is fine. I doubt that will happen, but I can always hope.

We made it through the first night. It is similar to having a newborn. I have to carry her everywhere (3 year olds and crutches? Not happening) and I have to get up in the night to help her get to the bathroom. Hopefully we can get in quick to the ortho and have a better idea of what we are facing for the next few weeks. Say a prayer for us.



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We had a really great weekend. Saturday, we had our family pictures and they went so well. Hadley wasn’t super smiley, but she didn’t cry. That’s a win in my book! We used the same photographer that took Hadley’s newborn photos, so I know we are going to love what we come up with. Can’t wait to see them.

Saturday, UCA had a big win in an important game. We have only one loss for the season. Hadley was excited!

Sunday, Cady went on a date with Daddy to see Puss in Boots in 3d! She loved it. Hadley and I hung out at the house. My baby was feeling a bit under the weather. Just a little cold or allergies. But she is much better this morning

And now just some random pics from that past week to catch everyone up.

Hadley wore some overalls this week. It was ADORABLE, and her Poppa was very proud.

And we had a great time in Kindermusik. She is really starting to open up and be a little less shy in class.

Noming on shaker

That’s her good buddy, Harvey, in the background.

She wasn’t interested in “threading the needle”, but that bowl made a great accessory.

She really loves herself.

Double vision

Not so sure about the towel ride

Spending some time on the parachute

3 Years Ago Today: November 7th, 2008

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