Arts and Crafts

My friends are well aware of my Pinterest obsession. I have gotten so many great ideas from there. It is also a great way to organize all my recipes and other things I find on the many blogs I read. One of the things I love so much is the wealth of holiday centered things. So, of course, since I love Halloween and Fall so much, I had a whole list of Halloween and Fall crafts I wanted to do.

Cady loves getting crafty as much as me, so I got her in on the action. She made me a paper plate pumpkin.

Hadley got to play too. Unfortunately, she wasn’t keen on the feeling of paint on her little feet. I actually ended up with a little while footprint on my leg from her.

I saw the cutest idea on a website several years ago that I loved, but never remembered to gather materials in time to do. This year, I finally remembered and for 2 months I saved all our milk jugs. This is what I made with them.

I threaded some Christmas lights inside and lit those little cuties up!

I think it really adds to my fall door decor

I also stepped out of my comfort zone and tried my hand at some sewing. This is big for me, y’all. I have no confidence in my sewing ability. I started simple, and I am so proud of what I ended up with. They are definitely not professional, but I made them and it makes it special for me. I made both girl’s ribbon shirts!

They are wearing them to the Pumpkin Patch with friends today, so expect pictures of the girls wearing them tomorrow.

We have several more arts and crafts projects planned for Halloween and then we get to start on our Thanksgiving projects! We will definitely be staying creatively busy this holiday season.

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