11 Months

Happy 11 Months Hadley Elizabeth!

First, to make this a little about me, I am so sad about this. I have taken the time to really savor Hadley’s baby time and it seems like it has gone by just too fast. I’ve been able to not just wait for the next milestone, but really enjoy the phase she is currently in. And it seems like the universe just laughs at me and made this year fly by. I was kind of sappy about Cady turning one, but I think I might actually be sad about Hadley turning one. I have just enjoyed this first year with her so much. The phase that she is at combined with Cady’s age just seems so perfect. I love watching them interact and play together. I am definitely looking forward to the next phases, but I am truly sad to see her baby phase end.

Like Cady, Hadley experienced her first stomach virus this month. A week after Cady, Hadley woke up one morning with the same symptoms. As hard as it was with Cady, it was so much more difficult with Hadley. First, she can’t tell me when she is going to throw up which made things a little messier. She couldn’t tell me what felt bad which made it so much more sad. And I couldn’t explain to her that it was all going to be ok. Plus, the risk of dehydration was a little too real with Hadley. She was having a really rough time keeping anything at all down and I was thisclose to taking her to the ER one day. But she perked up and started keeping things down a little. She lived off pedialyte and toast for 3 days. But like Cady, it lasted 3-4 days and was done. This household has met our quota of stomach viruses for a long time. I feel more experienced after it, but I’m definitely over it.

Hadley has started crawling in the traditional way most of the time. She still does her little goofy Hadley crawl sometimes, but she definitely has the traditional crawl down. She cruises all over the place. I have no indication of how close she is to starting to attempt to walk on her own, but I will be surprised if it happens before her first birthday.

Speaking of her birthday, I am getting so excited about her party. Like Cady’s party, we are going back to Arkansas and having a get together with our friends and family at home. I know it will be so much fun. It will just be something low key with our family and close friends. But we are looking forward to celebrating her sweet little self.

She is such a good little eater. A lot of times she gets to eat what I serve us for dinner. We’ve tried some of the Gerber Graduates stuff. She enjoys them, but she definitely doesn’t enjoy their version of meat. We went to our favorite BBQ place after the Pumpkin patch this weekend and she loved that turkey there. She knows good food when she has it apparently.

She is saying Mama and Dada. Sometimes I think she is referring to us. Sometimes I don’t. I swear she says something I think is Cady. No one else believes me, but she will yell it if she is looking around the house for Cady.

Here are the 11 Month Comparison Pics:

We love you, Hadley Elizabeth!

One Year Ago Today: Football Weekend – Round 1

Two Years Ago Today: Pumpkin Patch 2009



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