School Days

I feel so lucky that Cady’s pre-school is so technologically advanced. All the classrooms have gotten tablet computers. The teachers are able to take pictures of what the kids are doing and share them for the parents on facebook. It is a glimpse into Cady’s day that I would never get otherwise. I can’t wait to get on the computer on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to check the facebook page and see what pictures have been uploaded.

And because the teachers are so wonderful to share with me, I get to share with you!

Cady and a little friend (Ella, I think) reading on the carpet

Brooklyn was doing Cady’s hair on the playground. Ian appears to be supervising.

And several other friends got in on the action. This one cracks me up.

They have one “field trip” a month. Most are considered in-house field trips where a special speaker or program comes. For September it was The Science Guy. Here is Meredith, (maybe) Lilly and Cady helping him with an experiment.

He was apparently a singing and dancing Science Guy because the first thing Cady told me about him was him and is “Ah-Tar” like the chicken at the beginning of Robin Hood. LOL!

He also had the tornadoes in a bottle

Most of Cady’s class with The Science Guy

I will be sharing more of these as I get more from the school.


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