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Halloween 2011

We had a wonderful Halloween tonight! First, we got some pics of the girls in their adorable costumes before we left the house. You’ve seen Little Bo Sheep, but this one happens to have found her sheep.

I just can’t handle the cuteness

I had to jump in a few pics with my girls

We had to stop by the dance studio to let Ms. Sandy, Ms. Bri and Ms. Taylor see their cute costumes. We also met Charlotte and Grayson (along with Rob and Julee) before we went out to dinner. Um… the picture taking didn’t turn out that great. Charlotte was Alice in Wonderland, Grayson was The Mad Hatter and Julee was the Cheshire cat. So cute!

After dinner, off we went to trick or treat. The Little’s rode in the wagon

And the older sister’s went 90 to nothing loading up on candy.

All in all, it was a great night.


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Halloween Ballet

Friday was Cady’s Ballet/Tap class. We are lucky enough to be in class with a big group of her best girlfriends. It is a fun group.The girls could have worn costumes to class, but I was just worn out from the day before, so no costume for Cady. Kate’s Mom snapped some quick pics of the girls

Kate, Kendall, Cady and Ella. She is almost a big girl too!

Love these girly girls!

And the whole group (minus Cady’s sweet friend, Lily).

We are carving our pumpkin tomorrow. Hopefully I will get some pics

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School Halloween Party – 2011

The time has finally arrived. It is time to reveal Cady’s Halloween costume. Drumroll, please…….


Or Little Bo Sheep if you ask Cady.

No pictures of Hadley’s just yet. I’m sure you might be able to guess her costume based on Cady’s. They go together. So you will instead have to accept a picture of her in one of her Halloween shirts (my personal favorite ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

“BOO-tiful like Mommy”

Today was Cady’s Costume Parade and Halloween Party at school. I love seeing all the kids in their costumes. They are adorable. There were plenty of super heroes and princesses. Cady was the only Little Bo Peep. My favorite was a kid dressed up like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. I wish I had gotten a picture.

After the costume parade, Hadley and I left to grab some lunch while Cady went to Chapel. We returned to find Cady in her bloomer pants and her cami I (luckily) put underneath her costume. I’m not sure if it came off during Chapel or at the bathroom break afterward.

Here is Little Bo Sheep during the parade.

I cannot wait to see Hadley in her sweet little costume!

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(almost) Wordless Wednesday – Kindermusik Edition

I am loving doing Kindermusik with Hadley. It is even more special for the two of us than it was with Cady because it is some of our rare one on one time. It has been super important to do things with each child individually. Also, Kindermusik is almost more needed for Hadley because she is much more timid than Cady. She is much slower to warm up to people. She is just now warming up to Ms. Sandy and we practically live at the dance studio part time. I’m not going to comment on the pictures. Just know that I think they are precious and I appreciate so much that Ms. Sandy takes them for us.

Tomorrow is Cady’s Costume Parade and Halloween Party! She (and I) is so excited about wearing her costume. Stay tuned for pics.

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Pumpkin Patch with Friends – 2011

We went to the local Pumpkin Patch with Kendall and Rylie yesterday. It was Rylie’s birthday and we won’t be able to make it to her party, so we wanted to give her her gift and celebrate with her a little.

We arrived a little early and I snapped a couple of cute pics of Cady and Hadley together.

They are too sweet. It was a little windy (and very Fall like!) and Hadley loved it.

Oh that scrunchie face is the best!

Kendall arrived and the girls ran around and played for a little while. I was able to corral Cady for a bit for some more sister pics while Kendall was getting her picture taken. Becca ended up coming and helping get some smiles out of Hadley.

Thanks, Becca!

We got Kendall and Cady together for a few pictures while we waited for Rylie.

Rylie got there and, surprisingly, we were able to get all three to sit for a second for some pics together.

Kendall was cracking me up because she was a posing machine. So cute!

And just one last sweet one of Cady and Kendall

After the pumpkin patch we ate lunch together. It was a good time. It is so hard to get together with all our friends now that everyone has such different schedules. Cady was very happy to get to spend some time with her sweet friends.

Oh, and did you notice the shirts?!?! I’m still so proud of myself and have to brag on me a little ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Arts and Crafts

My friends are well aware of my Pinterest obsession. I have gotten so many great ideas from there. It is also a great way to organize all my recipes and other things I find on the many blogs I read. One of the things I love so much is the wealth of holiday centered things. So, of course, since I love Halloween and Fall so much, I had a whole list of Halloween and Fall crafts I wanted to do.

Cady loves getting crafty as much as me, so I got her in on the action. She made me a paper plate pumpkin.

Hadley got to play too. Unfortunately, she wasn’t keen on the feeling of paint on her little feet. I actually ended up with a little while footprint on my leg from her.

I saw the cutest idea on a website several years ago that I loved, but never remembered to gather materials in time to do. This year, I finally remembered and for 2 months I saved all our milk jugs. This is what I made with them.

I threaded some Christmas lights inside and lit those little cuties up!

I think it really adds to my fall door decor

I also stepped out of my comfort zone and tried my hand at some sewing. This is big for me, y’all. I have no confidence in my sewing ability. I started simple, and I am so proud of what I ended up with. They are definitely not professional, but I made them and it makes it special for me. I made both girl’s ribbon shirts!

They are wearing them to the Pumpkin Patch with friends today, so expect pictures of the girls wearing them tomorrow.

We have several more arts and crafts projects planned for Halloween and then we get to start on our Thanksgiving projects! We will definitely be staying creatively busy this holiday season.

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11 Months

Happy 11 Months Hadley Elizabeth!

First, to make this a little about me, I am so sad about this. I have taken the time to really savor Hadley’s baby time and it seems like it has gone by just too fast. I’ve been able to not just wait for the next milestone, but really enjoy the phase she is currently in. And it seems like the universe just laughs at me and made this year fly by. I was kind of sappy about Cady turning one, but I think I might actually be sad about Hadley turning one. I have just enjoyed this first year with her so much. The phase that she is at combined with Cady’s age just seems so perfect. I love watching them interact and play together. I am definitely looking forward to the next phases, but I am truly sad to see her baby phase end.

Like Cady, Hadley experienced her first stomach virus this month. A week after Cady, Hadley woke up one morning with the same symptoms. As hard as it was with Cady, it was so much more difficult with Hadley. First, she can’t tell me when she is going to throw up which made things a little messier. She couldn’t tell me what felt bad which made it so much more sad. And I couldn’t explain to her that it was all going to be ok. Plus, the risk of dehydration was a little too real with Hadley. She was having a really rough time keeping anything at all down and I was thisclose to taking her to the ER one day. But she perked up and started keeping things down a little. She lived off pedialyte and toast for 3 days. But like Cady, it lasted 3-4 days and was done. This household has met our quota of stomach viruses for a long time. I feel more experienced after it, but I’m definitely over it.

Hadley has started crawling in the traditional way most of the time. She still does her little goofy Hadley crawl sometimes, but she definitely has the traditional crawl down. She cruises all over the place. I have no indication of how close she is to starting to attempt to walk on her own, but I will be surprised if it happens before her first birthday.

Speaking of her birthday, I am getting so excited about her party. Like Cady’s party, we are going back to Arkansas and having a get together with our friends and family at home. I know it will be so much fun. It will just be something low key with our family and close friends. But we are looking forward to celebrating her sweet little self.

She is such a good little eater. A lot of times she gets to eat what I serve us for dinner. We’ve tried some of the Gerber Graduates stuff. She enjoys them, but she definitely doesn’t enjoy their version of meat. We went to our favorite BBQ place after the Pumpkin patch this weekend and she loved that turkey there. She knows good food when she has it apparently.

She is saying Mama and Dada. Sometimes I think she is referring to us. Sometimes I don’t. I swear she says something I think is Cady. No one else believes me, but she will yell it if she is looking around the house for Cady.

Here are the 11 Month Comparison Pics:

We love you, Hadley Elizabeth!

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Family Pumpkin Patch Visit – 2011

This year we went as a family to a pumpkin patch. It is at a Christmas tree farm about 45 minutes from our house. We went there when Cady was was little. Last year we never made it to the pumpkin patch as a family because I was hugely pregnant (45 minutes in the car at that point was hellish) and we went to the little local “pumpkin patches” about 57 times with our friends. We do plan to hit up the local ones with friends next week, but we wanted to get our pumpkins and get some family shots too.

It was so hot and so sunny that the pictures didn’t come out as well as I hoped. Jason doesn’t know it yet, but I may make him go to the local (shady) one with us and have a re-do.

Despite the squinting, the girls are adorable.

And this one is so sweet to me. In actuality, I’m sure Hadley wantedย  Cady’s hand off of her’s. However, let’s all pretend it was a sweet Sister moment, shall we? Great.

Hadley was kind of over it, but I rarely get Jason and even more rarely get myself in a picture so we had to soldier on. Cady was being a picture posing champ. She knows what Momma wants. Hadley is still learning. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jason hasn’t quite learned the art of taking pictures of babies and pre-schoolers. Just keep clicking. Take a hundred pictures if you have to. Surely one will turn out ok. He only took 4. Ha! They didn’t turn out too bad.

After we got our pictures, we picked out some pumpkins, took a hay ride, Cady played on some inflatables and we were on our way. Overall, it was a great little visit to the pumpkin patch. I love my little family!

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44 Months

Happy 44 Months Cady Cupcake!

This month brought something brand new to our household… a nasty stomach virus. We think Cady brought it home from school because a couple of other kiddos in her class ended up withย  it. The following is going to be TMI, so if you don’t want to read it move on to the next paragraph. She woke up early on a Saturday morning vomiting. She got sick in other ways too. I was hoping it was something she ate and would be over soon because it happened to be the same Saturday as our family pictures and her best friend’s birthday party. No such luck though. Sadly we had to miss Charolotte’s party, but we were able to reschedule the family pics. She got better throughout the day and was feeling well enough on Sunday that I felt comfortable enough to leave her with a babysitter. She did fine all day. But Monday morning she woke up sick all over again. She was fine by Tuesday, but I held her out of school that day just to make sure she was rested up before all her activities started up for the week. So, a (not so fun) milestone was met in our household. I’m glad we are over that and I hope it is a very long time before we deal with it again.

Beyond that it has just been status quo around here. Cady is doing wonderfully at school. She is doing amazingly well in her dance classes. She and I attended her second movie in the theater during my birthday weekend to see The Lion King. She is now obsessed.

I downloaded several songs from the movie to my iPod. I made a Cady playlist that we always listen to in the car. It is mostly Disney songs with some Taylor Swift mixed in. She LOOOOOOVES Taylor Swift. It all began with the song “Mean” or as Cady calls it “Livin’ in a big ‘ol city.” We have to start every car trip out with “Livin’ in a big ‘ol city.” I have it queued up when I pick her up from school. Watching her sing it is hilarious to me. She actually gets way more animated in the car. I catch her in my rear view mirror and it cracks me up. Watch out, Taylor Swift. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We love you Cady Cupcake!

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School Days

I feel so lucky that Cady’s pre-school is so technologically advanced. All the classrooms have gotten tablet computers. The teachers are able to take pictures of what the kids are doing and share them for the parents on facebook. It is a glimpse into Cady’s day that I would never get otherwise. I can’t wait to get on the computer on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to check the facebook page and see what pictures have been uploaded.

And because the teachers are so wonderful to share with me, I get to share with you!

Cady and a little friend (Ella, I think) reading on the carpet

Brooklyn was doing Cady’s hair on the playground. Ian appears to be supervising.

And several other friends got in on the action. This one cracks me up.

They have one “field trip” a month. Most are considered in-house field trips where a special speaker or program comes. For September it was The Science Guy. Here is Meredith, (maybe) Lilly and Cady helping him with an experiment.

He was apparently a singing and dancing Science Guy because the first thing Cady told me about him was him and is “Ah-Tar” like the chicken at the beginning of Robin Hood. LOL!

He also had the tornadoes in a bottle

Most of Cady’s class with The Science Guy

I will be sharing more of these as I get more from the school.


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