I just have a bunch of randomness from the last few weeks. AKA cell phone pics. I’m going to have to do this every so often so everyone can see them since this is the way I take a majority of pics now.

We went to the Astros game a few weeks ago. I’m sure no one is keeping up, but the Astros sort of suck a lot this year. But we have to make at least one game a year. Cady dressed the part. Hell, we should have sent her down on the field. The game couldn’t have gone any worse.

She is so funny to me. She got on this kick of drawing our family. Just out of the blue. It was so hard to keep a straight face when viewing these masterpieces.

This is Brutus, our dog. See his ears.

This is me. And before anyone points out a resemblance between myself and the dog, Cady made sure to point out that my arms go out and his arms do down. Obviously.

She is so proud of herself. Also, that thing on my head, that’s my ponytail.

This is Jason.

And Hadley

I think Cady has real potential. I am, however, concerned about how unhappy we all look… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last week, my sweet friend was involved in a little fender bender after Kindermusik. To try to help her out a little, I scooped up Grayson and we had an impromptu playdate for a little while.

My birthday was last week, and the girls got me the sweetest card. Cady gave it to me first thing in the morning. It was definitely hte best part of my whole birthday.

Also last week, Gigi’s Cupcakes had their highly anticipated opening in our area. So we, stopped in this weekend to try out some cupcakes. My cupcake got her face painted.

Next week is her final swim lesson. She has met all requirements to move up to the next level, but we are still going to take a break. Our Fall gets too busy with all the fun side things we want to do. I think she will be able to jump right back in perfectly after the new year. She always requests Mermaid hair for swim lessons (Thanks, Aunt Melissa). Me, being me, likes to try new things. This is after lessons, but that is a double french braid into a side ponytail. I’ve got skills. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And this little sweetheart… bless her little butt. She has some major ear issues happening right now. She is on an oral antibiotic and antibiotic ear drops to try to get everything cleared up. She’s still the cutest thing around even with the grossest ears ever.

And that is our random life.

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  1. And a beautiful random life it is! I love these. They maybe the most special of all

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