43 Months

Happy 43 Months Cady Cupcake!

Don’t fret, Nana and Grandma, I didn’t forget. We have had an eventful day, so the picture didn’t get taken this morning like I planned. So, she looks a bit worse for wear post school and post nap time.

This month Cady started 3 Year Old Pre-school. I love going to pick her up every day. I love that her teachers love my girl so much. They always have such wonderful things to say about their day with her. One of her teachers asked her last week if she could take Cady home with her. Cady said, “No because my mommy might get worried.” She is so funny to me.

She also started her second year of dance. She is taking two classes this year. One is a ballet/tap combo class. She is in class with all her friends and she has Ms. Bri as a teacher. A lot of the ballet is review of what she did last year, but she is loving it. She is also in a class called Tiny Tot Production. It is a jazz type class. Ms. Taylor is her teacher. It is a relatively small class and she is just eating it all up. The dance they are working on is just adorable. They are going to do a production around Christmas time.

She is finished up swim lessons soon. Two more lessons. While she has made amazing strides in this class, I am happy that it is going to be over soon. We will definitely be using the same lessons when we decide to start again, but I think we both need a break from it.

We are still dealing with some issues involving her strong will. But that really only affects me and Jason. She is an angel for anyone else. So, while I would love to not deal with tantrums, I know it is only a phase and we will make it through… someday. She is three and she is acting like it.

We love you, Cady Cupcake!

One Year Ago Today: 31 Months

Two Years Ago Today: 19 Months


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  1. Mab

    Aww. You really inspired me to do take monthly pictures of my little man in his chair. I love love LOVE it, and Cady and Hadley are so precious.

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