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Fall School Pics – 2011

Cady had school pictures last week and this is the result

I’m not crazy about the background, but I think the subject of the photo is just about the cutest ting ever.

One Year Ago Today: Dance Class – Week 5



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Hadley on the move

It was seriously only two weeks ago that this girl started pulling up

(By the way, she automatically makes that face for the camera. We are getting family pics this weekend, so who knows what we are going to end up with from her. LOL!)

Now she is pulling up on flat surfaces like the wall or basically anything she can find. She is also cruising quite a bit. She could take off and start walking any day.

And this is just her being cute. Please note her making the face at seeing the camera. Also, no clue why my floor looks so dirty. I didn’t sweep today, sorry.  And I have no idea what Cady is talking about. Does she something about “I will make you a great nation?” I’m  going to assume they are studying Genesis in Chapel at school right now.

Love these girls too much!

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I just have a bunch of randomness from the last few weeks. AKA cell phone pics. I’m going to have to do this every so often so everyone can see them since this is the way I take a majority of pics now.

We went to the Astros game a few weeks ago. I’m sure no one is keeping up, but the Astros sort of suck a lot this year. But we have to make at least one game a year. Cady dressed the part. Hell, we should have sent her down on the field. The game couldn’t have gone any worse.

She is so funny to me. She got on this kick of drawing our family. Just out of the blue. It was so hard to keep a straight face when viewing these masterpieces.

This is Brutus, our dog. See his ears.

This is me. And before anyone points out a resemblance between myself and the dog, Cady made sure to point out that my arms go out and his arms do down. Obviously.

She is so proud of herself. Also, that thing on my head, that’s my ponytail.

This is Jason.

And Hadley

I think Cady has real potential. I am, however, concerned about how unhappy we all look… 😉

Last week, my sweet friend was involved in a little fender bender after Kindermusik. To try to help her out a little, I scooped up Grayson and we had an impromptu playdate for a little while.

My birthday was last week, and the girls got me the sweetest card. Cady gave it to me first thing in the morning. It was definitely hte best part of my whole birthday.

Also last week, Gigi’s Cupcakes had their highly anticipated opening in our area. So we, stopped in this weekend to try out some cupcakes. My cupcake got her face painted.

Next week is her final swim lesson. She has met all requirements to move up to the next level, but we are still going to take a break. Our Fall gets too busy with all the fun side things we want to do. I think she will be able to jump right back in perfectly after the new year. She always requests Mermaid hair for swim lessons (Thanks, Aunt Melissa). Me, being me, likes to try new things. This is after lessons, but that is a double french braid into a side ponytail. I’ve got skills. 😉

And this little sweetheart… bless her little butt. She has some major ear issues happening right now. She is on an oral antibiotic and antibiotic ear drops to try to get everything cleared up. She’s still the cutest thing around even with the grossest ears ever.

And that is our random life.

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10 Months

Happy 10 Months Hadley Elizabeth!

This has been a big month for my baby girl. First, she is finally getting some teeth other than those two goofy bottom ones. She sprouted 4 on the top all at once. And she has the other 2 on bottom ready to pop through at any moment. You can sort of see them in this picture. This is her new face she makes. She is a goofball.

Speaking of that face, she is so funny. She loves to make this face. I think she does it because she knows it makes me laugh every single time.

She also makes me laugh so hard when she does her dramatic fake cry. This is what that looks like.

Isn’t that so funny?

She has started saying “mama” and “dada.” And I swear she says “duck” when you show her one of her rubber duckies. I also think she tries to mimic “doggy” when Brutus is around.

She has also started pulling up. She still crawls her goofy little crawl, but she has gotten so good at pulling up. And she is beginning to get brave, so I don’t think cruising is too far away. It is so weird because Cady was very close to being a full-time walker at this point in time. Hadley is staying in the baby phase a little bit longer for me. I’m sort of loving it. She is a chunk and sometimes it gets heavy toting her around, but I am eating up having a little baby for a little longer.

We started Kindermusik last week, and I can tell she is going to love it. She loves being around other babies her age. And she love love loves the music. Every time she hears any type of music she starts clapping and rocking to the beat.

We were having a bit of a tough time with stranger anxiety. Cady never dealt with that, so this is a whole new thing for me. She is a momma’s girl for sure, and is just a little wary of new people. Even Grandma’s and Nana’s. She even cried a lot of time when Cady’s teacher opens the car door to get her out of or put her in the car. I think Kindermusik is going to be good for that though.

I can’t believe she has been out here longer than I carried her around with me. And I am trying to avoid the thought that she is about to be one. Even though I’ve known to soak it up as much as possible, I can feel her baby days slipping away too fast. I know what is coming is so much fun, but I just adore this sweet baby time.

We love you Hadley Elizabeth!

10 Month Comparison pics:


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43 Months

Happy 43 Months Cady Cupcake!

Don’t fret, Nana and Grandma, I didn’t forget. We have had an eventful day, so the picture didn’t get taken this morning like I planned. So, she looks a bit worse for wear post school and post nap time.

This month Cady started 3 Year Old Pre-school. I love going to pick her up every day. I love that her teachers love my girl so much. They always have such wonderful things to say about their day with her. One of her teachers asked her last week if she could take Cady home with her. Cady said, “No because my mommy might get worried.” She is so funny to me.

She also started her second year of dance. She is taking two classes this year. One is a ballet/tap combo class. She is in class with all her friends and she has Ms. Bri as a teacher. A lot of the ballet is review of what she did last year, but she is loving it. She is also in a class called Tiny Tot Production. It is a jazz type class. Ms. Taylor is her teacher. It is a relatively small class and she is just eating it all up. The dance they are working on is just adorable. They are going to do a production around Christmas time.

She is finished up swim lessons soon. Two more lessons. While she has made amazing strides in this class, I am happy that it is going to be over soon. We will definitely be using the same lessons when we decide to start again, but I think we both need a break from it.

We are still dealing with some issues involving her strong will. But that really only affects me and Jason. She is an angel for anyone else. So, while I would love to not deal with tantrums, I know it is only a phase and we will make it through… someday. She is three and she is acting like it.

We love you, Cady Cupcake!

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Labor Day Weekend 2011

We have had a really great Labor Day weekend so far and it isn’t even over yet!

The fun started early for the girls and me. We got some special visitors Thursday night. Grandma and PawPaw Wayne won airfare to our area, so we got to spend the weekend with them.

Thursday night we celebrated a great Bears win over Henderson. We are all really excited about the upcoming season.

Friday, Grandma and PawPaw Wayne got to watch Cady’s dance class. I think this year is going to be really fun for Cady because not only does she have Kate, Charlotte and Kendall in class with her, but this year she has some of her school friends in class too. We were excited to find out Brooklyn and Lily, both great friends from school, are in class with her.Brooklyn is such a sweetie and wanted a hug

The rest of the day was spent on naps, dinner and a little shopping. Hadley is (hopefully) cutting some major teeth and has been a little tough to handle. She and I spent the last part of dinner that night in the car because she has developed an awesome air raid siren noise. It is a lot of fun (sarcasm font?). But she is still pretty much the cutest thing around, so I guess we’ll keep her, air raid noise and all

Saturday, we woke up and headed down to Kemah. It was actually a really nice day for it. Tropical Storm Lee didn’t bring the rain we so desperately need here, but He did bring some wind and cooled things down quite a bit. It was pretty pleasant which is the first time I can say that in weeks.

Hadley hung out in the stroller

While Cady rode some rides with Grandma

I had to buy Hadley a hat at one of the little shops on the boardwalk because I forgot hers at home. The selection was limited, so a far too big baseball cap was pretty much our only choice.

we had lunch at The Aquarium, so while we waited for food Cady looked at all the fish.

And for once, I remembered to get a pic with Grandma and all of us girls.

We had a great time. Today we are headed to an Astro’s game, so I *might* have some pictures to post from that later.



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Go Bears!

We are all very excited about the start of football season.

We are the most excited about the start of the UCA football season.



One Year Ago Today: (almost) Wordless Wednesday


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