Wednesday Updates

Update #1:

Cady had such a great day at school yesterday. I saw her teacher from last year and also her teacher from this Summer (who I actually think I would be BFF’s with if we hung out) and they both asked who Cady had this year. I told them and they both just raved and said how great of a fit it would be for Cady. So that makes me feel so great that their peers think they are as awesome as my impression of them has been. It makes me just so excited for this school year. I think Cady is going to learn so much and have so much fun doing it. When I picked her up her teachers just raved about her. They talked about how sweet she is. She had to give all her friends a hug before she would let them bring her to the car. So school appears that it is going to be a huge success this year. Not that I ever had any doubt with the program we have her in. It is just always nice to have the reassurance.

Update #2:

Swim lessons! Cady has 4 more lessons left before we take a little break and she is just doing amazingly well. She floated on her back for over 10 seconds today. That is a skill 2 levels above where she is currently. It almost makes me rethink taking the break from swim. Jason and I are going to talk it over tonight and see what we think. William had her do it one more time so this Momma-razzi could take a pic.

Update #3:

This isn’t an update really. Just a cute pic of Hadley girl I had on my phone. Can’t leave this sweet thing out.

We are getting excited because we have some fun visitors this weekend! AND! Tomorrow is the official start to The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! The Bears kick off their season! We can’t wait! Lots of pics to come.

One Year Ago Today: 28 Weeks

Two Years Ago Today: A Visit From Poppa

Three Years Ago Today: A Day at the Park


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