42 Months

Happy 42 Months Cady Cupcake!

What is Cady doing at three and a half?

She is being a good little fish momma. She takes such good care of Shorter. She remembers to feed him every day. She spends plenty of time talking to him and watching him. She is still very thrilled with the purchase of a fish. I’m sort of surprised. I thought she might be over it by now, but she really still seems to enjoy him.

She is adjusting to the new reality that is a mobile younger sibling. Mobility is having a profound affect on her life. Hadley likes to spend time in the playroom with toys that have been exclusively Cady’s until now. Cady used to have an easy place to escape from baby sister, but now the playroom is shared territory. We are lucky to have plenty of bedrooms, so the girls will always have their own space as far as that goes. But the playroom is fair game now. There have been a couple of spats, but Cady is getting used to it and learning that baby sister’s don’t cause too much havoc in the playroom…. yet….

She is still in the pretend stage big time. We do thing for ‘tend a lot. She is very serious about it too. Sometimes I won’t realize things are just for pretend and when I try to correct them she says, “Oh mom. It’s just ‘tend.” Um, really, Mom. Get with it, geez. Silly me.

I haven’t been posting swim lesson updates every week, but she is doing a fabulous job. I am pretty sure this week she will have floating on her back down pat. After the purchase of ear plugs and some goggles, she loves going under water. And she has even done some solo swimming on her own very short distances. I’m sort of stuck on whether or not to continue right now. I think we are leaning toward stopping this month and then starting again after the first of the year. Fall and into the holiday season just gets so hectic that one more thing added into the mix on top of school, two dance classes, and then time with her friends is just too much. But I am so happy we went with this program. I am thrilled with the progress that was made.

Next month, at this time, she will be a full-fledged pre-schooler. I know she and I are both excited for her to get back into the swing of school. She has wonderful teachers this year and I know she is just going to learn so much. I can’t wait for what the rest of this year holds for us. We love you Cady Cupcake!

(and before anyone asks, we have not cut her hair or anything. She requested it to be in a ponytail this morning. So it is just all pulled back)


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