Workin’ at the carwash

I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but at some point this week I got one side of my car filthy and covered in mud. Now, that isn’t such a difficult thing to do in normal circumstance. But considering we are in the most extreme of droughts currently, and we haven’t see a drop of rain in weeks, it is pretty amazing. I’m apparently that talented. I’m able to find mud puddles in desert like conditions.

So, after swim lessons today, I ran my car through the car wash. It wasn’t either girl’s first time through it, but Cady acted like she had never seen it before. She was so excited by it all that she asked if we could wash her car. I explained that it wouldn’t be able to go through an automatic wash like my car, but we could probably do it the old-fashioned way with a hose and bucket. She was thrilled.

She wet it down really good.

And then she really soaped it up

And then she dried it really well

Hmmm… I wonder if she has ever paid attention to her daddy putting some shine on the wheels?

Can’t forget about Hadley. She was outside too. Enjoying the stifling heat with the rest of us.






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One response to “Workin’ at the carwash

  1. Cady’s so cute with how serious she is about getting her car clean!

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