Thanks a LATTE!

Today is Cady’s last day of Summer Session pre-school. This Summer has just been awesome for her. First, she has two teachers whom she adores. Ms. Molly was her teacher last Summer and she is just so unbelievably wonderful. Ms. Allison was new to her this Summer, but Cady just talks about her all the time. She has had good friends in class. And the theme this Summer was “Cooking Fun” so we know that was right up her alley. They tried all sort of foods. They made smoothies and cookies and tons of yummy stuff. They even did art projects with food. She painted with an ear of corn and some spaghetti. She loved it all.

Since this Summer was so fantastic we wanted to get Ms. Molly and Ms. Allison a little something to thank them for making this a great Summer for Cady (and me, because I love knowing she has so much fun at school).

I bought these great lidded straw cups at Target. They are supposed to not sweat.

I stuffed a Starbucks gift card in each one and attached this card:

Corny? Sure, but I hope it shows our appreciation. Thanks Ms. Molly, Ms. Allison and WLC!

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  1. I remember seeing this somewhere and I thought it was such a cute idea. I love it! And the cups are nice. As a teacher, I would love to get this gift!!

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