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Wednesday Updates

Update #1:

Cady had such a great day at school yesterday. I saw her teacher from last year and also her teacher from this Summer (who I actually think I would be BFF’s with if we hung out) and they both asked who Cady had this year. I told them and they both just raved and said how great of a fit it would be for Cady. So that makes me feel so great that their peers think they are as awesome as my impression of them has been. It makes me just so excited for this school year. I think Cady is going to learn so much and have so much fun doing it. When I picked her up her teachers just raved about her. They talked about how sweet she is. She had to give all her friends a hug before she would let them bring her to the car. So school appears that it is going to be a huge success this year. Not that I ever had any doubt with the program we have her in. It is just always nice to have the reassurance.

Update #2:

Swim lessons! Cady has 4 more lessons left before we take a little break and she is just doing amazingly well. She floated on her back for over 10 seconds today. That is a skill 2 levels above where she is currently. It almost makes me rethink taking the break from swim. Jason and I are going to talk it over tonight and see what we think. William had her do it one more time so this Momma-razzi could take a pic.

Update #3:

This isn’t an update really. Just a cute pic of Hadley girl I had on my phone. Can’t leave this sweet thing out.

We are getting excited because we have some fun visitors this weekend! AND! Tomorrow is the official start to The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! The Bears kick off their season! We can’t wait! Lots of pics to come.

One Year Ago Today: 28 Weeks

Two Years Ago Today: A Visit From Poppa

Three Years Ago Today: A Day at the Park


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First Day of School – Fall 2011

Today was Cady first day of pre-school. She is no longer just in MDO, but now she is considered a real pre-schooler. Big girl! She was so excited to be heading back to school and Momma is too. We are too much alike and these few hours away from each other a week really do both of us some good.

Heading off to school:

This time last year:

Of course, I had to get a picture with both girls while they were being so photogenic

I totally forgot to take a picture of Cady in her classroom because it was so hectic and she was really like, “OK, Mom. You can totally leave now. Gosh!” But I did get to stay and watch a little bit of Chapel. This is her and her friend, Brooklyn. They were the little 3 Amigos with another little girl, but I don’t know where she was when this picture was taken

I can’t wait to hear how her first day of pre-school went!


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Summer Days

Summer is ending and even though I am looking forward to all things Fall, we had such a great Summer. Cady kept busy for sure. When she wasn’t at school or swim lessons, she was attending fun dance camps at her dance studio. There were Princess camps, Pinkalicious camps and Fancy Nancy camps. Ms. Sandy was so sweet to pass on some photos of the kids at camp.

(Cady is on the right, jumping up and down)

Bowling with Charlotte (Julee, we should do that sometime with the girls)

Watching a movie like a RCA dog

Crafting a lovely necklace

Just acting silly in general

This Summer has been so much fun, but I am definitely ready for cooler weather, football, and everything else that Fall brings with it.

One Year Ago Today: Cupcake Date


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That face

Drama queen antics already. When Hadley doesn’t like something this is what she does. Most “no-no’s” are met with this face. It is hard to keep a straight face when she does this

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Dancing and Kisses

It was right around this age that Cady started dancing. Hadley’s version is a bit different since she doesn’t pull-up or cruise yet. But she still has some major moves. A lot of times she will do this really cute bobble head move, but she stopped doing it when I got the camera out.

And you would think that these girls don’t ever get kisses, huh? Both learned to give kisses right around the same age. Cady’s version (I apologize for my appearance, I had finished working out not long before).

Hadley giving kisses:

Two Years Ago Today: Kindermusik – Day 4

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9 Months

Happy 9 Months Hadley Elizabeth!

This has been a big month for my girl. She went to her 9 month checkup last week. The Dr was fairly unconcerned about her untraditional crawl and the fact that she doesn’t really go from lying down to sitting up on her own. He said that since she is meeting everything developmentally, that little fact isn’t a huge deal. We should try to work with her on it, but how do you work on that? (Seriously, if anyone has any thoughts, feel free to share them with me) I actually have been finding her sitting up in her crib in the mornings and after her nap. So, as always, babies do their own thing in their own time. She got one shot and was such a big girl. She yelled at the nurse and then was over it. Tough girl!

She also got weighed and measured. Not only is she a tough girl, she is a big girl! She weighs 20 lbs which is in the 75th percentile.  Cady was 19 lbs at 9 months. So very similar. Hadley is also 30 inches tall. That places her in the 97th percentile. Only 3% of 9 month old girls are taller than her. Cady was only 28 inches at this point (I think, I looked at it last week but now I can’t remember for sure). So Hadley is definitely a tall girl. The dr said that her weight compared to her height actually put her a little underweight, but she has been moving up the growth chart super steadily and he is thrilled with it.

He checked out her little teeth. She is a little late on the teething, but he did assure me that she would eventually have teeth. They will likely all come at once… awesome….

Overall, he is very happy with her development. He was very happy that she doesn’t seem to have strong stranger anxiety. Cady never really did and I doubt Hadley will either. He said she is just a perfect baby, and I said I already knew that but it is nice to make it official. 😉 She really is such a great baby. I don’t know how I got blessed twice with just good natured babies, but I did. Hadley even more so than Cady. She is so laid back and go with the flow.

She is dropping her morning nap right now. Most days she is doing  just one nap a day, and that is a ok with me because this way I actually have a good chance at getting them to nap at the same time. She has also, almost overnight, gone from eating every 3 hours (yes, still) to only eating 3-4 times a day.

I really love this age. Babies develop such a personality at this age. Hadley already loves to play with Cady. She will peg leg her way into the playroom and Cady is a gracious hostess and makes sure she feels welcome. We have had a few small spats when Hadley has gotten a hold on something like a picture of Cady’s. But it is resolved quickly and they really get along so well. Cady loves spending time with her and is just too sweet.

Comparison pics:

We love you Hadley Elizabeth!

Two Years Ago Today: Ready, Ready, Ready to Run

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Swim Lessons – Update

Cady got her progress report from her swim lesson today.

She did so well and I’m just thrilled with the amount of progress she has made. That being said, she hasn’t met the requirements to move up a level.

“Face in with bubbles 3-5 seconds” and “Attempting all above skills independently” are the two things that stopped her from moving up.

I know she can do both, and she still has about 4 weeks so she might still move up. Today, she almost floated on her back by herself again. She is almost there. So, I think when she does move up into Angel Fins 2 that she is going to do really, really well in that level.

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42 Months

Happy 42 Months Cady Cupcake!

What is Cady doing at three and a half?

She is being a good little fish momma. She takes such good care of Shorter. She remembers to feed him every day. She spends plenty of time talking to him and watching him. She is still very thrilled with the purchase of a fish. I’m sort of surprised. I thought she might be over it by now, but she really still seems to enjoy him.

She is adjusting to the new reality that is a mobile younger sibling. Mobility is having a profound affect on her life. Hadley likes to spend time in the playroom with toys that have been exclusively Cady’s until now. Cady used to have an easy place to escape from baby sister, but now the playroom is shared territory. We are lucky to have plenty of bedrooms, so the girls will always have their own space as far as that goes. But the playroom is fair game now. There have been a couple of spats, but Cady is getting used to it and learning that baby sister’s don’t cause too much havoc in the playroom…. yet….

She is still in the pretend stage big time. We do thing for ‘tend a lot. She is very serious about it too. Sometimes I won’t realize things are just for pretend and when I try to correct them she says, “Oh mom. It’s just ‘tend.” Um, really, Mom. Get with it, geez. Silly me.

I haven’t been posting swim lesson updates every week, but she is doing a fabulous job. I am pretty sure this week she will have floating on her back down pat. After the purchase of ear plugs and some goggles, she loves going under water. And she has even done some solo swimming on her own very short distances. I’m sort of stuck on whether or not to continue right now. I think we are leaning toward stopping this month and then starting again after the first of the year. Fall and into the holiday season just gets so hectic that one more thing added into the mix on top of school, two dance classes, and then time with her friends is just too much. But I am so happy we went with this program. I am thrilled with the progress that was made.

Next month, at this time, she will be a full-fledged pre-schooler. I know she and I are both excited for her to get back into the swing of school. She has wonderful teachers this year and I know she is just going to learn so much. I can’t wait for what the rest of this year holds for us. We love you Cady Cupcake!

(and before anyone asks, we have not cut her hair or anything. She requested it to be in a ponytail this morning. So it is just all pulled back)

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Workin’ at the carwash

I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but at some point this week I got one side of my car filthy and covered in mud. Now, that isn’t such a difficult thing to do in normal circumstance. But considering we are in the most extreme of droughts currently, and we haven’t see a drop of rain in weeks, it is pretty amazing. I’m apparently that talented. I’m able to find mud puddles in desert like conditions.

So, after swim lessons today, I ran my car through the car wash. It wasn’t either girl’s first time through it, but Cady acted like she had never seen it before. She was so excited by it all that she asked if we could wash her car. I explained that it wouldn’t be able to go through an automatic wash like my car, but we could probably do it the old-fashioned way with a hose and bucket. She was thrilled.

She wet it down really good.

And then she really soaped it up

And then she dried it really well

Hmmm… I wonder if she has ever paid attention to her daddy putting some shine on the wheels?

Can’t forget about Hadley. She was outside too. Enjoying the stifling heat with the rest of us.





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How Hadley gets around

Hadley can get herself around pretty well now days. She isn’t really crawling… more scooting or something.

I tried to get a couple of videos. In the first one she sort of just spins herself around, which is actually one of her other forms of mobility.

She seems to understand “No no” fairly well, huh?


And the second one, she does quite a bit of moving around. Plus, you get to see and hear quite a bit of Cady (and me, sorry)

She might end up crawling the traditional way after all, but if not then she has obviously figured out something that works for her.




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