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Expanding our family

This weekend Jason made a suggestion that I thought we would wait a few more years for. I knew this would happen eventually, but I didn’t think we would be ready so soon. We tossed the idea around for just a couple of minutes. Again, I thought we might give it more thought. But I guess you know when things like this are just right.

We have decided to add a new member to our family. Please meet Shorter.

Isn’t he cute?

I took Cady to Pet Smart to pick out a Betta fish. We looked at Every.Single.Fish. in the whole store. But she decided that this was the one.

She also chose this name. I’m sure this comes as a shock with a name like Shorter 😉

Cady is a huge fan of his. She likes to sit and watch him swim around and of course feeding him is the most fun to ever be had. We’ll see how long that lasts


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Yay Hadley!

Hadley has learned to clap. I think it is so cute when babies learn this. Here is Cady after she first learned.

And sorry you have to hear so much of me.

On Year Ago Today: Wordless Wednesday: Corn On The Cob

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8 Months

Happy 8 Months Hadley Elizabeth!

Big girl! She is doing so much now. She is still not crawling, and I really don’t think she will. The reason I think this is because she is already pulling up. She has been doing it with help for a while, but now she is venturing out on her own. She hasn’t gotten all the way on her feet yet, but any day. It is crazy how different the experience with Hadley has been so far than it was with Cady. Cady was crawling and cruising by this point. But I think that Hadley might just walk early like Cady. She is just going to take a slightly different path to get there.

It is so funny because I look at pictures of Cady from this time and they both have those same 2 little teeth on the bottom. They are so alike but so different in so many ways.

She is still a great eater. We are working out self feeding right now. Those puffs are tricky to chase down and get in the mouth, but she is working hard. There isn’t anything she doesn’t like right now. She is still a healthy girl. And she is wearing her size 5 diapers proudly. Yes, size 5. That is the size Cady wore when she was potty trained a year ago.

She goes for a checkup next month, so I will have stats then. I do know she is almost 20 lbs because I took her to the dr a couple of weeks ago thinking she had an ear infection. No ear infection, just an overabundance of wax. How gross is that?!?! A few drops and I think the problem is fixed until it builds up again.

I finally feel like I’ve got this whole thing figured out. And it isn’t so much that I have it figured out, but that Hadley has worked herself into a really great schedule. She sleeps in until 7ish now (as opposed to 5 am). Mornings are always really happy times. Nap around 10. Another nap around 2. Afternoons can be iffy depending on how she has napped. Around 6 or 6:30 she and Cady take a bath together and Hadley is in bed around 7. I no longer feel like I’m running around like a crazy person from 4:00 on.

She is just a sweet girl and I can’t believe how fast these 8 months have flown.

Comparison pics:

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41 Months

Happy 41 Months Cady Cupcake!

Whoever made up that terrible two’s myth either just really liked alliteration or they didn’t have a three-year old.

Don’t get me wrong, Cady is not terrible by any means. She is, however, very strong-willed and too stinkin’ smart for her (my?) own good.

I thought she had turned into a picky eater. It seems like we are on the verge of a fight every night for dinner. Things I KNOW she likes, she refuses to eat. I try really hard not to stress about it. Food fights are something I said I would not have with my children. If she is hungry enough, she will eat. And there are many nights I repeat that to myself over and over in my head.

But here is the kicker, apparently she isn’t a picky eater at all. At school this Summer their theme is cooking. So they have been doing a lot of food/cooking related stuff in the classroom. Her teacher was buckling her up last week and told Cady to tell me what they made that day. Cady enthusiastically responded, “ANTS ON A LOG!” I’m thinking, “Peanut butter? She won’t eat that for me. Raisins? Never. Celery?!!??! They must make different Ants on a Log.” Then her teacher proceeded to talk about what a good eater she is and how if the other kids are afraid to try it they always give it to Cady because she will at least try it.

I turned around to make sure she was putting the right kid in my car because I was certain she had gotten me confused with another parent. Nope, it was that stinker sitting in her seat. So Cady is a picky eater only for me.

It seems to be a theme with us though. After dance camp, I get told how sweet she is (and she really is) and how well-behaved she always is. Same from her teachers at school. I always hear how happy she always is (and she really is a happy girl). But it seems wat too often I deal with tantrums and fits and meltdowns. Some days it feels like that is all that happens. I am glad she is well-behaved for others and not a holy terror when I’m not around.

Again, most of the time she is so sweet and so funny and just such a joy, but I guess that is what makes those moods so startling. She is almost 3.5, so we are about to be on the downhill slide of the 3’s. I’m sure that things are going to magically change overnight and fits will just disappear. I’m also sure no one is going to tell me otherwise. 😉

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Hadley and Grayson have to wait around at the dance studio every week for big sisters to finish their classes. They’ve both started sitting well, so Julee and I sat them down to check each other out. It doesn’t get any cuter than these two?

I’m totally already planning the wedding.

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Hadley and Brutus

This is the reaction he gets all the time from her. She is obsessed with him. When Cady was her age she barely paid attention to Brutus or Caesar unless they were doing something silly. Now, if he moves, she is locked on and watching.

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Independence Day

The day didn’t start out like I hoped. Cady woke up around 6:30 and crawled into bed with Jason and me (I would just like to point out that means Hadley slept past 5 am! WOOHOO!). She ended up falling asleep while snuggling with me, which is absolutely unheard of. She woke up about 30 minutes later and was just not acting like herself. She ended up having an accident because her tummy was upset and while she was using the bathroom she vomited. So I was concerned, but she didn’t have a fever or anything. She vomited once more. But as soon as she ate breakfast she was back to herself. It was so weird. No more tummy or vomiting issues at all. No fever. Her illness lasted all of 45 minutes.

I am so glad she got over whatever the issue was quickly because she was so excited to see fireworks that night that I would have hated to keep her home.

We went to dinner at one of our favorite places. It is located in a little outdoor shopping area by the lake. They had a band set up and we brought our chairs and listened after dinner. Usually the splashpad is on, but since we are in an extreme drought right now water conservation is necessary so no splashpad. 😦

When it started getting dark we headed over to the golf course and found our spot on one of the tee boxes to watch the fireworks. Both girls enjoyed them very much.

My little firecrackers had a fabulous Fourth.

Someone has a major Nana hangover this morning, but luckily the best cure is in store. SCHOOL! I’m not sure who is more excited, Me or Cady.

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Zoo Day

Cady’s and Hadley’s Nana came to see them over the Fourth of July weekend. She had one request: to visit the Zoo.

We made sure to get there as soon as it opened to try to beat the heat and some crowds. In all the time we have spent at the Zoo we have never been inside the Aquarium house. It is easy to miss since it is right as you enter and you have to fight the Zoo paparazzi to get there.

Hadley was checking things out

Cady really enjoyed looking at all the Nemo fish too

Jason and I thought these jellyfish were pretty cool. Jason thinks we need one for the house.

Cady wanted to visit her favorite part: the monkey area

My two monkeys

We had to visit my favorite part: elephants. The babies have gotten so big. There was a zoo keeper at the elephant barn and she said Tupelo is a noisy baby. She was not kidding around. Se was roaring like a lion when we were there. Se was playing and having a really good time. Tupelo and her mom were the only ones in the big outdoor area and she was taking full advantage of running around and having a great time.

The zoo has a new African Forest exhibit. In it, is a 4D theater and it just happened to be showing a Dora and Diego 4D movie while we were there. Cady was so excited!

It was very cool. The “4th D” was interactive stuff. Bubbles were blown and we had water splashed on us. There was even banana smell when they showed a banana on-screen.

Everyone looked awesome in their 4D glasses

I’ve never been a fan of 3D movies but it was hilarious to watch Cady try to grab things that came close to her. She was cracking us up. Poor little Hadley didn’t get to wear any glasses. I bet she thought we were crazy for watching a blurry movie.

We also saw some Chimps in the African Forest. One even got out of the cage!

Oh wait… that’s just Cady. 😉

We ate lunch on the patio near the giraffe enclosure. The new area at the zoo is really cool and it is nice to sit and watch the giraffes.

There is even the opportunity to feed them lettuce. I wasn’t sure she would actually do it, I mean, look how big that guy is compared to her.

But I forget that she has no fear.

She loved it!

We finished our zoo trip with a ride on the carousel before we went home.

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