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Splashpad Fun

Since school is out for the next couple of weeks and dance is on break for a couple of weeks we are sort of at a loss on things to do. And anyone who has pre-schoolers know that sitting around the house day after day is just not an option.

Add on top of that, that I am having to push Cady’s nap time from 12:30 to 2:30 in a matter of two weeks to help accommodate her new school schedule (they don’t nap in the 3’s class anymore). Needless to say after lunch has gotten a bit hairy the last couple of days.

Several of us decided to meet up for lunch at one of our favorite little places. They always have great food, but even more of a plus is there is splash pad in the shopping center! Lunch and splashing in the water. How can you get better than that?

The kids had a great time. What was Hadley doing during all the fun? What does Hadley always do during all the fun?

Can you just not stand that little bottom lip sucked in like that? She is just the cutest.

I’m apparently going to have to work lunch at Sharky’s into my daily budget because my afternoon went to great. Both girls napped like little champs and Jason was home before I knew it.

One Year Ago Today: 14 Weeks


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