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Dance Recital 2011

Ok get ready. This is going to be a picture heavy post. I took a lot of pictures and a lot are similar but I can’t pick just one or two. Sorry.

Cady’s first year of dance has culminated in her very first recital.

Friday night, was dress rehearsal. This was our opportunity to take pictures of the actual dance. Flash photography was not allowed during the real recital. We will have access to pro pictures later, which I will of course post here.

Kendall, Kate and Cady waiting to rehearse

The class (minus Chloe and Delaney)

The girls with one of their teachers, Miss Christine.

Ready for the dance to begin

She did pretty good during rehearsal

And the big finish (I don’t know where Kate and Delaney ended up ???)

The next day, for the actual recital, I braided Cady’s hair really pretty and put make up on her for the first time. She was GORGEOUS. It almost made me want to put her in pageants, but then I remembered how we got irritated with each other during the hair part. Mom, how did you ever do pageants with me as a toddler and not toss me out the window?

Me and my pretty girl

Cady and Kendall

Kendall gave Cady a hug. So precious.

Sweet Cady Girl

We had to be there 1 hour before the recital began. So we waited a bunch

Kate, Delaney, Kendall and Cady

Recital happened to fall during nap time for most of the girls, so we had to keep them well entertained for that hour or mass chaos could have ensued. I will say they all did surprisingly well.

We made sang nursery rhymes and played I Spy and made faces. Whatever we had to do to keep them in one spot and happy.

Their teacher, Miss Bri, came and sat with them for a little while. Do you think the girls love her?

Bri is wonderful with them. She has so much patience to deal with a group of  seven spirited 3 year olds.

Cady making a Cady face

They went up on stage and did their routine.

Cady did better at rehearsal than she did at the actual recital. But she had fun. She was Cady through and through.

I took a video. Um…. to say my video skills are lacking is a major understatement. I come by it naturally because almost every video my mom ever took of my activities as a child looks strikingly similar. Sorry. We ordered a DVD and hope to have it before we come home at the end of the month to show everyone.

Here it is in all it’s glory.

Afterwards, her Daddy gave her a beautiful bouquet of roses.

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of our little ballerina

We are also so proud to be a part of the fabulous studio we belong to. Sandy and her family are wonderful. This is the first year for Define Dance and Arts, and we feel blessed to be a part of it. Ms. Sandy, Miss Bri, Miss Christine and everyone else at Define, thank you so much for making Cady’s first experience with dance so wonderful. We are looking forward to this Summer and trying out some fun new classes.



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