Carnival Day

The school year is winding down. I am getting really sad about it. We have been really lucky. Cady has two great teachers who are just so wonderful and so loving to her and the other kids. She also has some really great friends she has met in this class. I am really hoping some of them end up in the same class next year.

While it is sad, the end of school is always really fun too. Cady’s school plans really fun things at the end of the year. Thursday was Carnival Day. They had tons of really fun stuff set up outside for the kids to do.

Hadley’s schedule worked out just perfectly so I could hang out and help corral the kids. Let me tell you, keeping up with 12 three year olds is no easy task. I do not know how many times I counted to 12. Luckily, they are all really good kids and made it as easy as possible.

There was an inflatable slide and a bouncy castle. The kids had so much fun.

It wasn’t too hot since we FINALLY got some rain the night before, but it was H-U-M-I-D. So the kids went inside to get some sno cones and cotton candy. Both were big hits with everyone, but Cady didn’t like the cotton candy. She got her fill of sno cones though.

There was also a clown who was doing really cool arm painting (instead of face painting). She was amazing. She did really cute stuff and she did it quick. Cady chose balloons.

Her best buddy, Logan, chose a shark and they wanted a picture together with their masterpieces.

We went back outside and let them run around and pick between a few different things. They had lots of outdoor toys. Cady, Logan and Jaxon decided to play their own brand of horseshoes.

Ms. Nikki tried to teach Cady and Carter how to use those things (I have no idea what they are)

They sort of got the hang of it.

There were tables set up with Spin Art stations. Ms. Nikki helped Cady make some Spin Art.

After all the outdoor fun, we took the kids back to the classroom and they had a yummy lunch. I love being there for lunch because I get to see her say Grace. So precious. I took a video (sorry it of the back of her head).

What was Hadley doing during all this fun?

Sweet girl.

We have an exciting weekend coming up. Cady’s first dance recital is Saturday. As long as I have a cooperative camera, I will have pics and videos. Also, next week is Water Day at Cady’s school. I will likely be skipping Hadley’s last Kindermusik class this term, so I can be there to help out (and take cute pics).

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