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Photography by Cady 2

It has been a long time since I have done an installment of this. The first was here.

Yeah it has been that long since we have gotten the pictures of her little camera. For a while the batteries were dead.

She has definitely improved in her photography skills. But her favorite subject still tends to be herself. I consider it part of the Facebook generation. Being well versed in the art of self portraits is important.

I am a bit concerned that she is already doing the “duck face” :-/

And she also does the obligatory bathroom mirror shot. I figure it will get better as she gets a little taller. LOL

She really has had improvement in taking pics of others. Most of our face gets in the frame now.

She has also started taking pics of random objects. And some of them seem to be on purpose.

Some… not so much on purpose

But her new favorite subject? Her baby sister. She has a pretty willing model. Mainly because she can’t get away yet.

Finally, I was able to snap a sweet one of my favorite subjects. I love those two girls!

One Year Ago Today: Ready For The Masters


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Splashpad Fun

Since school is out for the next couple of weeks and dance is on break for a couple of weeks we are sort of at a loss on things to do. And anyone who has pre-schoolers know that sitting around the house day after day is just not an option.

Add on top of that, that I am having to push Cady’s nap time from 12:30 to 2:30 in a matter of two weeks to help accommodate her new school schedule (they don’t nap in the 3’s class anymore). Needless to say after lunch has gotten a bit hairy the last couple of days.

Several of us decided to meet up for lunch at one of our favorite little places. They always have great food, but even more of a plus is there is splash pad in the shopping center! Lunch and splashing in the water. How can you get better than that?

The kids had a great time. What was Hadley doing during all the fun? What does Hadley always do during all the fun?

Can you just not stand that little bottom lip sucked in like that? She is just the cutest.

I’m apparently going to have to work lunch at Sharky’s into my daily budget because my afternoon went to great. Both girls napped like little champs and Jason was home before I knew it.

One Year Ago Today: 14 Weeks

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Show me your teeth!

(I am more thrilled than I should be that I can use Lady Gaga lyrics for my kids blog)

Cady had her very first dental appointment today for a checkup/cleaning. To say that it was a success would be an understatement. She actually had a good time!

We chose a pediatric dental center in our area. It came highly recommended, plus it didn’t hurt that the dentist did his undergrad work at UCA. GO BEARS!

I talked it up like I tend to do so maybe it wouldn’t be such a scary experience.

The office is so cute. It is decorated all in a jungle/safari theme. The waiting area is perfect. Toys and games and crayons. It was heaven for Cady.

The dental assistants were super sweet and definitely put us both at ease.

Cady was wonderful. She was so cooperative and just did a fabulous job. She got to wear some cool Ariel shades. The dental assistant explained everything to her. She let her touch the instruments and see how they were going to work before she ever made her lie down on the table. She also got to pick her flavor of cleaner… toothpaste… whatever it is on that rotating brush thing. She chose cherry.

She opened up wide and let the dental assistant do her thing with no problem.

Then she had to get some X-rays taken. How teeny does she look in that big ‘ol chair?

Again, she did fabulous.

The dentist came out and looked everything over. He checked out her x-rays and said everything was perfect. No buildup or anything. And definitely no cavities.

Cady can’t wait to go back in 6 months!

One Year Ago Today: Play Room FINISHED!

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Weight/Height Comparison

I took Hadley in for her 6 month check up today.

She weighs 16 lbs 15 oz, which is right at the 50th percentile.

She is 27.5″ tall. Which is at the 95th percentile.

The dr said she is a big underweight for her height, but he was very happy with her growth curve. She seems like she is going to take right after Cady on that. Tall and skinny.

Cady at 6 months was 16 lbs 7 oz and was 26 1/8″ long. So Hadley is a little bigger all around. Plus, this was Cady’s “chunky” phase. I think Hadley’s chunky phase may be a few years long vs a few months 😉

Her pediatrician was really happy overall with her development. He did say we need to work a bit on her bearing weight on her legs. But I’m really not concerned about that. She just prefers not to right now. I am sure she will change her mind soon enough. Nothing to stress about yet.

We were actually at the dr’s office on Friday because Hadley had an ear infection again. So we have moved on from amoxicillin and are on cefdinir now. Today, her dr said her ears were healing up nicely, so hopefully we won’t have to be back until the 9 month checkup.

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Girls, Girls, Girls

The girls and I followed Jason into our bedroom while he was doing his little rituals after coming home from work. He snapped this picture and I love it so much. Do not let Jason ever tell you otherwise, he loves every second of being surrounded by the three of us.

One Year Ago Today: 13 Week Ultrasound

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Cady and Hadley have been interacting more and more lately. It is easily my favorite thing in the world. I want nothing more than for them to be the best of friends as they grow up. I was able to catch them earlier this week playing together. It is actually more like Cady was playing WITH Hadley. She is like her own living, breathing baby doll.

Hadley was a good sport, but soon the make over became tiring.

I’m not sure she was a fan of the final outcome.

One Year Ago Today: Empty Playroom


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6 Months

Happy 6 Months Hadley Elizabeth!

I cannot believe it has been 6 months already. I have really been trying to slow down and just soak in every single second of baby time I am going to get with her since I know how fast this is going to go. And I swear this it is all going faster this time around.

As you can see from the picture, Hadley is sitting up very well all on her own. She doesn’t go from lying down to sitting yet, but she is close. She is also very close to getting on all fours. Don’t let any of that fool you though. The girl is mobile. She is a little rolling porkchop and gets all over the house. It works for now, but she does get so frustrated. She wants to crawl and keep up with her big sister.

I will say that looking back at Cady’s 6 month post makes Hadley seem more like a little baby. She is not as close to crawling or anything like that as Cady was at this age. So for that I can be thankful. I am not rushing her in the least. She can be my rolling porkchop for as long as she wants.

She doesn’t have her 6 month appointment until next week, so I won’t know weight for sure until then. I do know she has gained well. We went to the dr about 2 weeks ago for a possible ear infection and she was 16 lbs and 7 oz then. That is the 77th percentile. And I am pretty sure she just had a growth spurt last week. So she is a growing girl. Interestingly, Cady at 6 months was exactly 16 lbs 7 oz. Is that crazy to anyone else? I will post both the stats after I get Hadley’s official 6 months stats. I am pretty sure Hadley is taller than Cady was (26 and 1/8 inches). She is still in size 4 diapers. And yesterday, I actually took the baby carrier out of the car and installed the big girl convertible seat for her. The carrier was just getting to be too much for me to lug around. Plus, she is sitting in carts and high chairs now.

We started solid food a couple of weeks ago. She is really getting the hang of it. I am making all her baby food this time around. I didn’t do it with Cady because it was awfully intimidating and really the whole first time mom bit was about all I could handle. But it really isn’t hard. And it is so cost effective. So far she has only tried veggies. She really likes zucchini and carrots. She is lukewarm on peas and green beans. I am going make a big batch of fruits and veggies this weekend, so she will have tons of new stuff to try out.

Now for comparison pics:

We love you Hadley Elizabeth!

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A little dirt never hurt

I love what a paradox my little girl is. Still wearing a full face of makeup from her recital earlier in the day, she got her hands dirty, literally, while playing outside that evening.

I wouldn’t trade my little tomboy for anything. Best of both worlds.

One Year Ago Today: 27 Months

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Dance Recital 2011

Ok get ready. This is going to be a picture heavy post. I took a lot of pictures and a lot are similar but I can’t pick just one or two. Sorry.

Cady’s first year of dance has culminated in her very first recital.

Friday night, was dress rehearsal. This was our opportunity to take pictures of the actual dance. Flash photography was not allowed during the real recital. We will have access to pro pictures later, which I will of course post here.

Kendall, Kate and Cady waiting to rehearse

The class (minus Chloe and Delaney)

The girls with one of their teachers, Miss Christine.

Ready for the dance to begin

She did pretty good during rehearsal

And the big finish (I don’t know where Kate and Delaney ended up ???)

The next day, for the actual recital, I braided Cady’s hair really pretty and put make up on her for the first time. She was GORGEOUS. It almost made me want to put her in pageants, but then I remembered how we got irritated with each other during the hair part. Mom, how did you ever do pageants with me as a toddler and not toss me out the window?

Me and my pretty girl

Cady and Kendall

Kendall gave Cady a hug. So precious.

Sweet Cady Girl

We had to be there 1 hour before the recital began. So we waited a bunch

Kate, Delaney, Kendall and Cady

Recital happened to fall during nap time for most of the girls, so we had to keep them well entertained for that hour or mass chaos could have ensued. I will say they all did surprisingly well.

We made sang nursery rhymes and played I Spy and made faces. Whatever we had to do to keep them in one spot and happy.

Their teacher, Miss Bri, came and sat with them for a little while. Do you think the girls love her?

Bri is wonderful with them. She has so much patience to deal with a group of  seven spirited 3 year olds.

Cady making a Cady face

They went up on stage and did their routine.

Cady did better at rehearsal than she did at the actual recital. But she had fun. She was Cady through and through.

I took a video. Um…. to say my video skills are lacking is a major understatement. I come by it naturally because almost every video my mom ever took of my activities as a child looks strikingly similar. Sorry. We ordered a DVD and hope to have it before we come home at the end of the month to show everyone.

Here it is in all it’s glory.

Afterwards, her Daddy gave her a beautiful bouquet of roses.

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of our little ballerina

We are also so proud to be a part of the fabulous studio we belong to. Sandy and her family are wonderful. This is the first year for Define Dance and Arts, and we feel blessed to be a part of it. Ms. Sandy, Miss Bri, Miss Christine and everyone else at Define, thank you so much for making Cady’s first experience with dance so wonderful. We are looking forward to this Summer and trying out some fun new classes.


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39 Months

Happy 39 Months Cady Cupcake!

Cady’s sense of humor has really started showing recently. She surprises Jason and me sometimes with how she can joke. She will change up words to saying and songs to make them funny. And a lot of the time they actually are.

I am afraid we are entering into a bad phase. She has been talking about monsters and ghosts a lot lately. Last night she got up several times in the night complaining that there was something scary in her room. I’m sure every kid goes through this phase. I am very anti kids sleeping in my bed. So Jason and I took turns getting up with her, putting her back to bed and calming her down a little. Hopefully this is a short lived phase for everyone’s sake.

She is still doing the “Why?” thing a lot. And I hate to be the “Because I said so.” parent, but her “Why’s?” have crossed over into the back talking territory. When I ask her to do something or stop doing something she automatically replies with why. So, “Because I said so.” or “Because I told you to.” has been used a lot lately.

We are still practicing writing letters. She has the sounds of letters down really well, so we have moved on to spelling out short words and sounding them out. I think all of that is really advanced, so I don’t expect much to come from it at this point, but it doesn’t hurt to put the thoughts into her head.

We love you Cady Cupcake!

Two Years Ago Today: 15 Months

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