Cady’s Easter Party

On Tuesday, Cady’s class had a special Easter party and Easter egg hunt. I always love getting to see her in that element. Plus, a room full of 3 year old’s is pretty entertaining.

The kid’s get a special treat of McDonald’s Happy Meals on these days.

Hadley is really into faces and hair right now. If one of these things gets within arm’s reach she is grabbing on. I think I had just removed a handful of Cady hair from one of those chubby little fists.

After lunch, the kiddos headed out of the classroom to hunt some eggs

Two of Cady’s classmates have younger siblings that were there. The Little’s hung out together 😉

We walked out with Logan and his mom and baby brother. Cady and Logan are just so sweet together. They love to hold hands.

Such a cute couple! I just don’t think she could have picked a cuter or sweeter little boy for her first “boyfriend”

2 Years Ago: The Thumbkin Trauma


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