5 Months

Happy 5 Months Hadley Elizabeth!

Aah! 5 months already! This is going way too fast. She is getting to be so big. As you can tell by her pictures she is sitting up really well. I still wouldn’t trust her to sit on the floor by herself, but she is so close. I think she is going to love being able to sit be herself. I know I am going to love not having to haul her around in that crazy baby carrier. We bought Cady a new car seat that will get her through until she is done with car seats and boosters completely. So as soon as Hadley is able to sit in carts and things like that, the baby carrier is out and we will be putting the Britax in the car for her. I’m ready.

I think this sweet girl’s eyes are officially going to be blue. I’ve been giving them time to change (and I know they still could), but I do think they are likely to stay this way. I love that I have a beautiful brown eyed girl and a sweet little blue eyed girl too. It only makes sense that Cady looks so much like Jason and has his brown eyes and Hadley resembles me so much and has my blue eyes (although hers a darker blue).

She is still growing well. She is in size 4 diapers. I want to say that Cady was in size 4 when she was close to 2 years old. So Hadley is still a good sized girl. Her clothes are from 6-12 months. And I actually put something on her a week or so ago that was 18 months. My sweet pork chop.

She is sleeping very well. She is completely out of the sleep sack. She isn’t waking at any point in the night. She does wake up around 5am, but I don’t know I could go 10 hours without eating. I can’t complain at all.

We started Kindermusik this past month and she is loving it. It does happen to fall during her morning nap (like she actually has a schedule. HA!), but one thing that can be said about this girl is that she is adaptable. She really has to be a go-with-the-flow kind of gal because all our schedules pretty much revolved around Cady’s. Hadley catches a nap when and where she can.

Comparison pics:



We love you Hadley Elizabeth!


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