Hadley started Kindermusik last week. I feel it was a very integral part of Cady’s development. It helped her with social interaction until she was able to get into Mother’s Day Out. I know that it will be just as wonderful for Hadley.

We are actually in a unit that we have done before with Cady. So it is very neat to have that familiarity with it. It is Hickory Dickory Dock and focuses a lot on nursery rhymes. Hadley and her friend, Grayson, are the youngest in the class. All the other kids are at least 6 months older than them.

It has been a lot different with a child that isn’t sitting upright yet. Cady started Kindermusik around 6 months. Hadley is almost there. She has started doing the tri-pod pose a little bit. She is always trying to sit up and see what is going on around her. Since she isn’t yet though it is difficult to get pictures. Today I had my phone on me and was able to quickly snap a couple of sweet ones.

Under the parachute.

And this was a towel ride with her buddy, Grayson. Sweet boy was getting tired, so he was kind of over it. And though it might not look like it, he loved holding Hadley’s hand. Who wouldn’t?

Two Years Ago Today: Spring Is Here


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