30 Before 30

About 2 weeks ago I turned 28 and A HALF. My half birthday happens to fall on one of my best friend’s actual birthday so I always remember it. So, I am less than 1.5 years from turning 30. For many people I know this is a daunting thought. Something about 30 is big. But I am actually pretty excited about 30. I love where I am in my life. Could certain things be a bit different? Sure. But in the grand scheme, I adore my life and am proud of where Jason and I are. I am excited to finally be taken seriously. I feel like when people find out I am in my 20’s many times my ideas are automatically written off. I feel like this will change once that 3 is the first number of my age.

So, in honor of nearing the big 3-0, I have come up with 30 things I would like to experience/accomplish before I turn 30. None of these things are life changing or overly profound. But they are things that I want to do. Just small things to possibly bring more joy to my life. Most are just extensions of my daily life (cooking/crafting). So here is my list and hopefully over the next 17ish months I can update it and mark some of these things off.

1. Learn how to use my camera in manual mode

2. Learn how to use my sewing machine AND make something using it

3. Learn how to make French macarons

4. Take one picture every day for a year

5. Learn how to decorate cookies

6. Be better about keeping up with long distance friends

7. Make chicken and dumplings completely from scratch (with no help from Jason)

8. Make at least a majority of our holiday gifts

9. Finish the girl’s baby books (aka start one for Hadley)

10. Participate in a race (ideally, run it, but I will take walking if the knee won’t handle running)

11. Blog at least once a week (hey, I’m working on doing it more than just twice a month)

12. Craft/Paint at least once a month

13. Keep up with Cupcake Cooks blog

14. Comment on friend’s blogs (instead of just thinking them in my head)

15. Watch at least 3 classic movies I’ve never seen (Godfather, Scarface, Casablanca etc)

16. Use the saw to cut wood (I have a huge fear of it)

17. Make bread from scratch

18. Make homemade pasta

19. Learn to make my Grandma’s chocolate rolls (and have them taste even remotely as good as hers)

20. Make a pie completely from scratch (including crust)

21. Make my Grandma’s yeast rolls

22. Enjoy a very expensive bottle of wine or champagne

23. Read 5 books I’ve never read from “30 before 30 Book List

24. Go Wine tasting (I’ve never been!)

25. “Pay It Forward” in some way

26. Print pictures of the girls I’ve always wanted to print

27. Organize my recipes

28. Really learn how to properly fold a fitted sheet

29. Take time at least once a week just. for. me.

30. Have a fabulous 30th birthday party



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4 responses to “30 Before 30

  1. tiffany

    I LOVE THIS!!!:)

  2. Duke

    These crack me up. I could totally help with the fitted sheet thing…maybe I should make you a video. Oh and I have easy-yet-awesome bread and pie recipes. The problem with yeast bread for me is that so many recipes overcomplicate something that should be really simple… so finding a simple recipe to practice on is most of the work.

    And I’ve decided to just turn 29 again this year. I’m going to do that until people stop thinking I’m a student. Then I’ll turn 30.

  3. This is a really great idea! And I’m totally with you on the age thing & not being taken seriously. Sometimes people totally relate to me & click & then when they hear my age they’re like WHAAT?! It’s happening less & less as I get closer to the 30 mark. And the classic movies deal is totally on my list too! I always add some to my netflix then delete them before they send them out LOL Come over for girls night sometime & we’ll tackle Casablanca!

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