4 Months

Happy 4 Months Hadley Elizabeth!

Hadley is like a whole new baby this month. She has done a ton of new things all within the last week. Just like her sister, days before turning 4 months old, she started rolling over. I really think Cady was like 3 days shy of 4 months and Hadley was the same. So that is really neat and a little weird all at the same time.

She has also become this smiley baby. Look at her!

In addition to the rolling and the huge amount of smiles, she started laughing out loud. We have had the breathy giggles for a while, but now we are getting these awesome squeaky belly laughs. I’m going to try to get it on camera, but I  have to find something that makes her laugh where I don’t sound like a complete goober.

She is still a pork chop. We go to the Dr early next week so I will have some stats then (someone remind me to post them on the blog). She is wearing mostly 9 month + clothing. She is in size 3 diapers. We are halfway through a box and I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy size 4 for the next pack.

She is eating 6-8 ounces 4 times a day and then her night time bottle is anywhere from 8-12 ounces.

Sleeping. Sleeping is where Cady and Hadley differ the most. We stopped swaddling Hadley this month. We still put her in her sleep sack and we wrap the swaddle part around her, but with her arms out. It was just doing no good. She would start trying to roll over in her sleep, but couldn’t because her arms were pinned to her side. So she would end up scooting all over the bed and the swaddle would end up bunched around her neck and her arms would be free at the bottom and she would wake herself up. Since we have stopped swaddling it has been really hit or miss. MOST of the time she sleeps from 7ish to 3 or 4, eats and then goes back to sleep for a few hours. I would love for that 3 or 4 am feeding to disappear. The last couple of days she has made it to 5 or 6 which makes for a much happier mommy. There were a few nights in there where it was every 2-3 hours. That was no fun. At all.

She is going to start Kindermusik this month, which I am thrilled about. We will be going while Cady is in school, so it will be a good time for just me and Hadley.

Now time for the comparison pics



We love you Hadley Elizabeth!

One Year Ago Today: 25 Months



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2 responses to “4 Months

  1. kelsey

    I can’t believe it is already time for her to do Kindermusik!! Did Cady start that young??

    • Courtney

      I think Cady was 6 months, but that was only because that is when classes started. I think I signed her up at 4 or 5 months.

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