Cady’s 3rd Birthday Party

When we decided what to do for Cady’s birthday this year we were looking for something a little different. I think I researched pretty much every available option in this entire Metro area. Seriously. We decided to stay close to home at a little cooking school near our house, Chefs 2 B.

Cady loves to help in the kitchen. She loves to pretend to cook. So I figured this would be a great option.

So I made some adorable invites

And that was about it. The cooking school handled everything else.

We arrived and the kids had hats and aprons to decorate

Cady and Kendall

Charlotte, Rylie and Kendall

I’m not sure what Cady is doing in this one, but you can see her really adorable birthday shirt (Too Cute Creations)

Then the chefs split the kids up into two teams. Team Cupcake and Team Icing. Team Cupcake, which consisted of Cady (of course), Logan, Kendall and Kate, were responsible for making the cupcakes. Team Icing, consisting of Charlotte, Rylie, Jaiden and Lilly, were responsible for the cupcake icing. Then all the kids made their own personal pizzas.

Team Cupcake waiting for direction

Team Icing washing their hands

I thought Cady looked way cute in her special chef’s hat and apron.

Team Cupcake had to make the batter. The first job was to break the eggs into the dry ingredients. Cady did a great job… I think all the shell was picked out šŸ˜‰

Kendall’s turn

Logan giving it a try

Kate was getting direction on putting the milk into the mix

It was also Cady’s job to add the sour cream to the batter (Yeah I know how that sounds but they turned out pretty good)

I loved this pic because you see Kendall’s and Kate’s little heads peeking over the counter

Kendall, Kate and Logan had to mix the batter up really good.

Then it was time to spoon the batter into the baking cups

After the cupcakes went into the oven the kids got the opportunity to taste the batter (isn’t that the best part?) Cady was a fan. Kendall was not.

I really meant to take more pics of what Team Icing was doing but it was hard to keep up with both groups. But I did catch the best part for them too. They were getting icing squirted in their mouths! Jaiden looks like a little baby bird here.

Then the kids got to roll out the dough for their pizzas

Time to add toppings.


Sweet Logan just waiting his turn like a good boy


After the pizzas went in the oven Team Cupcake peeked in on the cupcakes

Logan was telling Chef Tim that he was hungry and was not super convinced that he could make it until the pizzas were done.

Then it was time for them to make lemonade

The pizzas and cupcakes came out of the oven and it was time to eat.

They decorated the cupcakes

And we sang “Happy Birthday”

We waited to open gifts until we got home. Cady is a blessed little girl. Not for the gifts she got, but for the friends who gave them. Thank you all for coming and celebrating with us!

What was Hadley doing during all this? Chilling with the gifts!

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12 responses to “Cady’s 3rd Birthday Party

  1. Love the pics! You kinda had to take 200 pics to get it all in. It was such a fun party! Kendall had a blast and has been talking about it all day!! She even asked to wear her apron while grilling with Daddy! Thanks for having us!! Happy Birthday Sweet Cady Cupcake!!

  2. Kerry Blair

    I enjoyed the pictures, It looks like everyone had fun.

  3. What a neat party! I’m going to have to file this away for a future party for my daughter.

  4. Zsera

    What a fun idea. Looks like the kids had a blast!

  5. What an adorable party! I bet the kiddies LOVED the hands-on action. Initially (about the second pic or so), I thought to myself that you could even have your own cooking party at home. However, by about the 5th pic, I see that this is one idea that might be best left to the pros! šŸ™‚

  6. A cooking party – I’ve never thought of it but I LOVE this idea!! Cute!

  7. What an adorable and simple idea for a party! I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  8. My daughter is 3, and she would LOVE a cooking party! What a fun idea!!

  9. How fun! I was thinking about having a cooking party for my daughters next birthday. Seems like such a fun idea and the kids would love it!

  10. Looks like great fun! I love the spotted apron on the invitation – I have one like that!

  11. What a great idea! Love your party idea! Stopping by from kelly’s korner and I love your blog! šŸ™‚ Erin

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