The Progression of a Fit

So maybe this makes me a mean mom, but I did take pictures of Hadley as she ramped up to a good fit. She was waiting for a bottle to warm up so there wasn’t a whole lot I could do that was going to stop this other than feed her. So what else should I do but take pictures?

It starts out with the booboo lip when she realizes I am not feeding her.

Then the actual cry begins because surely I won’t hold out on her with that pitiful face.

“No, really mom, I’m HUNGRY!!!”

And now we have reached the peak.



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3 responses to “The Progression of a Fit

  1. Grandma

    You are sooooo mean! LOL She has it down.

  2. it’s ok i used to take pics of rylie’s fits too =) you’ll never have that cute of a “boo boo lip” again. it needs to be documented hehe

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