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35 Months

Happy 35 Months Cady Cupcake!

This kid is going to be 3 years old in a month. That seems so old… well for a toddler at least. It feels weird to think about saying something about “my three year old.”

So at 35 months Cady is just so much fun. She definitely has her moments where she tests us BIG TIME, but for the most part she just keeps us laughing.

She is so excited for her birthday. She seriously thinks it is her birthday every. single. morning. when she wakes up. It is hard to convince her otherwise. It really isn’t until late afternoon that she realizes that there isn’t going to be a birthday party that day. LOL. But she also keeps telling us that her birthday is in February.

Speaking of February, she knows all her months (even if she throws an Octember in there sometimes), days of the week (and can most of the time tell you what day it is), FINALLY all her colors. She can name all the letters upper and lower case. She can recognize her name written out. She can count to 20 and backwards from 10. She has pretty much every nursery rhyme I know of memorized and can repeat them (and does constantly).

She loves to color. She sings pretty much all day. She loves to sing. She makes up her own songs now too.She is loving all her new board games and she still adores her puzzles. If I would let her, she would run or hop everywhere.

There was some potty training regression last month. But there was a lot that happened all at once. I think the reality of Hadley really set in. We were finally done with visitors, so it was just the three of us a lot of the time. She was out of school and therefore out of her routine, and Caesar died. That is a lot for a two year old to deal with all at once. But it was only a couple of accidents and she is back on track. Saturday night we even stopped putting her in Pull Ups at night. She had one small accident, but slept the rest of the night (midnight to 7) completely dry. Hopefully, tonight we can make it all the way through. UPDATE: Last night, she stayed completely dry all night and didn’t come get us to use the potty! I’m sure there will still be accidents, but this is quite promising.

The two’s have definitely been a challenge, but there has not been a more fun age. I just can’t wait to see what comes next!

We love you Cady Cupcake!


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