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These are a few of my favorite things…

I’m not talking raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens. I’m talking baby things.

About 2.5 years ago I posted about what I was loving with Cady. Since then some of those things are still my favorites. Some of those things are definitely NOT my favorites. And there are some things that didn’t exist or I didn’t know about when Cady was little.

So here is my Mom-of-Two-Favorite-Things-Revised list:

First the oldie but goodies:

I am still a huge believer in The Happiest Baby on the Block and swaddling and the “5 S’s.”

Hadley is really turning into a great sleeper and I will tell any and everyone that I give all credit to this book. She has slept in her crib from night #1 and we’ve been really lucky to get some good sleep.

With Cady we used Swaddle Designs Ultimate Receiving blankets.

We used them with Hadley at first and they worked really well. But she recently started fighting us when she was swaddled and we were trying to put her down. It seemed like she wasn’t liking her legs bound up. So I looked into those Halo Sleepsack Swaddle.

It holds her arms down while leaving her legs free to move. She has loved it. Another plus to it is that Jason can do it too. I’m the resident swaddler in the house. So now, Jason can take the 2 am feeding and I don’t have to worry about reswaddling.

Dr. Brown’s are still our bottles of choice.

I really feel like they do keep more air out of the milk and help reduce gas.

With Cady, we kept a bottle of nursery water at room temperature and mixed up a bottle’s worth at a time. But this time around I was introduced to the amazingness of the Dr. Brown’s Formula Pitcher.

This might be my MOST favorite thing of all this time around. We mix up 28 oz of formula at a time (Yes, Hadley goes through that and more in a day). We put it in the fridge and it is all ready to go. Plus, we can pour out odd amounts. Instead of feeding by 2’s we can feed odd sized bottles. This has been awesome because Hadley likes to eat 5 ounces. We aren’t wasting that extra ounce.

Also, since we aren’t shaking the bottles and introducing extra air into the formula I think she spits up less (I know she spits up less than Cady did) and has a little less gas. I am totally in love with my formula pitcher. I really recommend this even if you aren’t using Dr. Brown’s bottles.

Since we keep the formula in the fridge we have invested in the Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

It is another one that wasn’t around when Cady was small. It heats with steam so the bottle and the milk don’t get too hot. And it does it so quickly.

And finally, another new one, the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer.

This was super helpful while I was still nursing. It helped me keep track of which side I last nursed from and how long it had been since she had nursed. Now I still use it to tell how long it has been since she last ate. This way both Jason and I know exactly when she last ate or was last changed. No guessing or estimating. Just look at the timer.

These are the things that are working for us right now. I’m sure this list will expand as Hadley grows, and as it does or as I come across great new things I love, I will update.

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