Whip My Hair

Ok, so I will admit that I am old. I don’t listen to most of the new music. And when I do, I don’t understand what it is talking about (friends, lets remember that I thought the G6 song was about Pontiacs). So, I don’t really know what “Whip My Hair” means, but it is a catchy little song. Cady thinks so too.

One Year Ago Today: We are alive and Finger Painting



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2 responses to “Whip My Hair

  1. Grandma

    Ok, the first time I watched this I didn’t have the sound up enough to catch what Cady said. She cracks me up.

  2. Kendall & I just watched the video and now Kendall is saying, “Mommy watch me do that.”….as she whips her hair. Cady will have to teach her the words! he he.

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