Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve, after our visit with Santa, we ate lunch and then lost our minds and ran some errands. Jason’s birthday is just around the corner and his mom wanted to buy him a birthday gift.

We came home and Jason prepared us a fabulous Christmas Eve dinner. After dinner we had to put out the Reindeer food for Santa’s reindeer.

Then, mostly for the sake of time in the morning, we allowed Cady to open a few presents (I was embarrassed of the stack beneath our tree).

We also let Hadley open some gifts. Can’t you just tell she is so thrilled with her Sophie Giraffe?

After her bath, Cady set out the milk and cookies for Santa. She helped Daddy mix up the dough, roll them out, cut them, and then she and I decorated them.

She had on her special Christmas pj’s and could not wait for Santa to come visit

It took her awhile to get to sleep, but Santa was finally able to visit around 9:30ish.

Christmas morning didn’t start out quite like we hoped/expected. Caesar, our Min Pin, was a little pukey Christmas Eve. This really isn’t totally unusual. Around 3 am I woke up to feed Hadley. I heard a strange noise and we discovered Caesar making a snoring like noise but we were unable to wake him. Jason took him to an emergency vet clinic (thank God for that). Unfortunately, he was pretty far gone and we had to let him go. We are all sad about the loss, but we were really dreading telling Cady. fortunately we didn’t have to deal with the Caesar issue immediately due to all the excitement. She has since asked about him. I will post about all that later.

She slept in until 7, which really shocked us all. She was thrilled with the gift Santa left her and had to get on it first thing.

Then it was time to see what Santa left in the stockings

And then she ripped into the boxes

This one is hilarious. Nana and PawPaw bought her the remote control Big Foot. She always liked visiting it every time we went to Target but it also freaked her out a bit. You can see the uncertainty on her face.

She was a blessed (spoiled?) little girl and got tons of great things. “Santa” also built her a beautiful wooden swingset in the backyard. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t cooperative Christmas day and we were only able to show it to her. She went out and played today and Jason took pics that I will have up soon.

I also wanted to add one of *my* favorite parts of Christmas. I love Christmas cards. I love picking ours out. And I love checking the mail everyday to see who we received one from. I tape them up to the door that leads to the laundry and garage. It is what we did with Christmas cards growing up and I’ve just carried it on. I love being able to look at them whenever I walk through the room. So if you sent us a card it is being proudly displayed here and we love it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Sidenote: Hadley had adorable coordinating pj’s but she slept through Christmas and there was so much going on that I never got a pic of the two of them together. So just imagine Cady’s striped pants with Santa feed and a onesie that said “Santa’s Favorite” in the same lettering. I also *might* make them do a make-up pic before I take my tree down.


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