Special Santa Surprise

Our Christmas Eve started off with a huge treat. Santa made a special trip to visit Cady, Hadley and some of their friends.

Santa heard that Cady’s little sister and Charlotte’s little brother were just a little to small to come visit him at his many mall appearances. He couldn’t let them go without a visit so he could find out what they wanted and so they could get their picture made.

So a little L the Elf set up the visit for all of us. And we are so appreciative that the littlest ones got in on the Christmas festivities.

Cady and Hadley before we left

Even though Cady had such a good Santa experience at school I think she was a little overwhelmed to have him almost to herself. So she took some time to warm up to him.

In the meantime, Hadley was taking it all in

I think she was telling him what she wants

She definitely got on the “Nice” list this year

Cady was still a little timid so we decided to take some family pics with the big guy.

Finally, she felt good enough about the situation to pose with Hadley.

And we got the older kids all together for a group pic. Jaiden, Cady and Charlotte

I am so grateful that we got this opportunity. I know it was really special for Cady. It was also really special for me. I was pretty sad that a sister picture with Santa was just not going to be possible. I couldn’t imagine braving the mall crowds and putting my newborn on a germy Santa’s lap. But to have Santa (who is a friend of a friend) take the time out of his Christmas Eve to do this for us was so wonderful. I am so appreciative.

I will post the remainder of our Christmas Eve and Christmas festivities in another post.


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  1. How precious is that!! What fun!!

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