Impromtu Photo Shoot

Here’s a confession: I am going to be *that* mom. You know, that mom that is going to match/coordinate her children at every chance possible. I figure I have a small window in which they will be willing, so I am going to take advantage of it while I am able. As soon as I found out Hadley was Hadley and not… whatever we would have named a boy… I started thinking about coordinating Christmas pajamas for her and Cady. Yes, this means I was searching for Christmas pj’s in July. Don’t judge me. It is actually difficult to coordinate toddler and newborn sizes. Everything cute would start at 6 months.

I would love to have coordinating pj’s for the whole family. I won’t name names (*cough*jason*cough*) but someone is a party pooper. So until I can wear him down, I will have to settle with coordinating the girls.

This year I bought not one, but two sets of matching jammies. I couldn’t help myself. The other set is being saved for Christmas Eve/Christmas morning, but I decided to bust this set out this week. I love them so much. And of course, while we had two good moods happening I set up a quick photo shoot.

Hadley was a bit unimpressed.

How about no one look at the camera. Perfect 😉

We were really struggling to find a position in which Hadley was happy and didn’t look like a total rag doll.

This might work

One of these girls is actually asleep and one is playing possum. I will let you decide which one.

And just a couple of big sister by herself



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3 responses to “Impromtu Photo Shoot

  1. Looks like Hadley isn’t going to enjoy pictures as much as Cady did. But she still is precious in them PJ’s. Cady is getting more beautiful everyday becoming her own little person.

  2. Becca

    PRECIOUS!! Adorable pj’s. I totally don’t blame you for putting them in matching outfits. I’d do the same!! LOVE it!! I rEALLY love the sleeping babies picture. CUTIES!

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