34 Months

Happy 34 Months Cady Cupcake!

What a difference a month makes! Our lives have changed BIG TIME in the past month. Hadley arrived and everything is different.

Cady is a fabulous big sister, like I knew she would be. There was a couple of days of adjustment there. She had to figure out her new situation. But we’ve worked it out and things have settled down. We have our new normal and Cady has adjusted like a little champ.

She seems so much bigger and more grown up to me now. She is a huge help. She loves on Hadley so much and just adores her. We ask her if she loves mommy and she says, “No. I love Hadley.” She says Daddy loves Mommy and Mommy loves Daddy. But only she loves Hadley. It is very sweet and makes me so excited to see how close they are going to be as they get older.

She is still her headstrong self though. Every year I get her a new ornament for the Christmas tree. Currently, and for the next 20ish years or so, they will reside on our tree here. When she is an adult and has her own tree, she can take her ornaments and decorate her tree with them. In the past, I have chosen the ornament for her. This year we decided to let her pick out an ornament. I was hoping she would pick a little ballerina or something of the sort. I was prepared for a Disney Princess or Dora and had made peace with having that on my tree for the next couple of decades. I did not expect, however, for her to fall in love with a pink cell phone that says “Text Me” on the screen. She couldn’t be talked out it. I showed her princesses and Dora and anything else other than that cell phone. But she was having none of it. So, I have a pink cell phone ornament on my tree. I absolutely loathe it. But the silver lining is that in several years, I feel that I will be able to embarrass her with the story of the pink cell phone ornament. It is the only thing that is making me ok with it being on my tree. LOL!

2010 has been an unbelievable year. We have been so blessed and this 34 month old has been one of the biggest sources of the joy and blessings we have received.

We love you Cady Cupcake!!!



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2 responses to “34 Months

  1. I love the update. But, I have to say………I’m a little upset that I didn’t get to see this pink cell phone ornament! he he!

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