Hadley’s arrival

We had anticipated that Hadley would arrive on Tuesday the 16th. This had been the plan since late September. Monday, the 15th, I went to the dr and there wasn’t a lot of progress. So I planned to go in that night to start the induction process. A few hours before we were to leave for the hospital we received a call that labor and delivery was too busy with women who were in actual labor, so we would have to wait. We were pushed back to come in Wednesday night.

Wednesday came and things were looking good. I had begun to have some contractions, but nothing consistent or timeable. About an hour before we were to head for the hospital we received another call saying that again, labor and delivery was too busy and we would have to wait. I was devastated. I made Jason go out for a walk around 10 pm that night. We walked A LOT. And I started having even more contractions. I was really hoping something would happen and I would still get to go in that night. But no such luck.

Thursday we were told that they would be trying their best to get us in that day. Around 2pm we finally received the call to come in to start the induction. We pulled into the hospital parking lot at exactly 3pm.

We check in and at 4pm my dr checked me. I guess the walking did some good because I had gone from a 1 to a 3. She had planned to break my water for me, but Hadley, like Cady, was way too low and she couldn’t reach it. So she started my pitocin and planned to come back. At 5pm my water broke on it’s own.

At this point my contractions started coming on pretty strong. At 6 I called the nurse for my epidural because the contractions were wearing me out. My 6:30 the epidural was started and at 7 I was feeling very good.

Jason and I decided to relax and watch some tv. Around 8:30 the nurse came by to readjust Hadley’s monitor because she had dropped even lower and she wasn’t getting a good reading. She said she would come back around 9 to check again because she figured it would be soon.

At this point I wasn’t feeling ANYTHING. I could occasionally tell when I had a REALLY strong contraction but only because there was some slight pressure. At 9 the nurse came back. She started to check, but didn’t even have to. It was very obvious that Hadley was ready. We needed a dr and quick! The dr had just scrubbed up for a c-section but had to be rushed in to deliver Hadley. I told them that I wasn’t going to be able to feel to push. but they said it wasn’t even necessary. A few minutes later Hadley was here.

It was the easiest thing ever. Everything went perfectly. I’m feeling good. Hadley is doing wonderfully also.

Now the pictures I have currently.

Getting ready to come home:

Cady and Hadley hanging out at home:

My two little pumpkins on Thanksgiving



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6 responses to “Hadley’s arrival

  1. Kerry Blair

    Love the pictures, the one at the bottom is so cute.

  2. Congratulations!!!! Love the hat!!!! Happy Holidays!

  3. The last picture is the precious!! So sweet!

  4. Julee

    Ok, can these two be any sweeter?!? I love Hadley’s coming home outfit! So glad everything went so well and that you are home with a happy and healthy little girl. Cady looks like she is adjusting well.

  5. ashlee

    I’ve been dying to know how the delivery went! I wasnt sure if you were still induced or not. Glad it was a smooth & easy delivery for both of yall. Worth the wait I’m sure!

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