Gone Fishin’

A year or two ago Cady got a little fishing pole for a holiday or birthday. She definitely wasn’t ready for it at the time so we stuck it away in a closet. Jason made the mistake of mentioning taking her camping and fishing recently. We have heard about it pretty much non stop. The camping trip might have to wait a few months, but Jason decided it was time to teach her to cast her fishing pole

He tied a caribiner to the line and they went out in the backyard to practice.

She actually got the hang of it really well.

I think she is all ready for her fishing trip.



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2 responses to “Gone Fishin’

  1. Yea looks like she is a born fishing girl. Must have her Grandpa’s Glen genes.
    He bought that just for her …he can’t remember if it was christmas or birthday either. He just loves watching her with it.

  2. Rylie talks about goin fishing all the time. We can take them to the lakes in our neighborhood sometime!

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