For posterity

I don’t have any pictures today. We’ve had a pretty low key week. Dance class, school and a couple of outside activities, but for the most part we’ve just been hanging out. So I thought since I don’t have anything pressing to blog about I would take the opportunity to write down some stuff I’ve been wanting to remember. Now that Cady is talking she says some of the most hilarious things. Things that I don’t want to forget. So I want to record those here to have to look back on.

* When she wakes up every morning she opens her door and her hair is usually wild and she is very sleepy eyed. She will say, “I awake, Mommy.” but most of the time the phrase will go up in the end and make it sound like she is asking a question. Like she isn’t actually sure she is awake.

* She is really cuddly in the morning. I’m normally up before her and waiting in the living room on weekdays. But on weekends she comes and climbs in bed with us. She will normally watch some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while Jason and I work to wake up.

* After a short time of cuddling she will tell me “I hungry, Momma.” but she is ALWAYS hungry. I swear she has a hollow leg. If I ask her what she wants for breakfast she will normally say fruit snacks. Sometimes she will say a banana. She always has to have a napkin even if she doesn’t use it. Breakfast is usually one of her best meals.

* She likes to “get ready” because she knows that means we are going somewhere. She is not a homebody for sure. She likes to be on the go.

* One of her favorite things is to get her teeth brushed. She calls her tooth brush a “brush teeth” and she is getting really good a doing it herself. Jason and I make sure to give a helping hand but she does a pretty good job.

* She is super independent and is all about getting dressed and undressed by herself right now. Yesterday for school she actually got dressed completely alone. I  helped tell her to turn things around or put shoes on the right feet. But she did top to bottom all on her own.

* On the same note of independence, she uses the potty all by herself now. If I try to go help her she will hold her hand out and say, “I go all. by. MYSELF.” or if I’m already in there she will sure enough tell me to leave. It takes probably double the time for her to do it alone, but she does it. From start to finish. Even washing and drying her hands. Jason and I joke about it because she normally ends up with everything she took off back on backwards and inside out. Very consistently.

* One of the best times is night time. I love being with her day in and day out, but I love it the most when it is the three of us here together. Jason doesn’t get to spend a ton of time with her so he does the bedtime routine every night. She likes to take showers now. It is the only way to wash her hair and some nights she requests them even when we don’t wash her hair. It is another thing she likes to do alone (rest assured, the door is open and we are a mere few feet away). Jason will get her in her “jamas” and read her a book. After her book is read, she rolls over and looks at you and says so sweetly, “Talk with me a second?” She likes to take that time to talk to Jason about her day. She will tell him about dance class or school or she what we have done. It is easily the best part of the night. I get to be a little part of it by eavesdropping. I love hearing their little conversations.

I just wanted to record these before our lives get a little more hectic and I forget. This is the greatest age and I don’t want to forget a single thing.



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2 responses to “For posterity

  1. Pam

    Thanks for that. It gives us a little in sight into who she is right as a little person. You can tell she has a sweet soul by the way she smiles and the look in her eyes. The videos are great also. It’s almost like we are there.

    Thanks Again,
    Pam and Glen

  2. She’s at such a cute age! This independence thing she’s got going will be a great help when miss Hadley arrives NEXT WEEK!

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