Sprinkle for Miss H

My fabulous group of friends got together and threw me a “sprinkle” to celebrate this little girl. A sprinkle isn’t as big as a shower, but it is just (maybe more) as appreciated.

The girls did such a great job and I feel so blessed that they wanted to do this for me.

Ashlee made this adorable diaper cake and found that cute little cupcake photo holder that matches the nursery perfectly

We didn’t get pictures of all the guests, but there are a few

Tiffany and sweet, little Ella were there

Becca and Kendall

Me and my dear friend Lisa

And I got to hang out with sweet, sweet Maggie who belongs to Laurie. Maggie seems to be over the paparazzi 😉

Susan made these amazing cupcakes! Most of you know I am very serious about my cupcakes. These honestly rivaled Sprinkles. They were unbelievable. Susan needs to go into business.

I got so many wonderful things that we needed. Diapers, bottles, blankets… just such great gifts. As usual, Becca outdid herself on the cute clothing and accessories. She made these adorable matching Christmas shirts for the girls. I love them (I’m definitely into matching/coordinating them)

Plus those cute little bloomers and a couple of monogrammed bibs.

I cannot fully express how grateful I am for my sprinkle, but mostly for the friendship these ladies have provided me. Thank you guys so much!!!



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2 responses to “Sprinkle for Miss H

  1. Grandma

    You have a group of wonderful friends. You are a lucky girl.

  2. We were more than happy to help! I’m sorry I didnt take more photos but Rylie was being a stinker. =/ I’m so glad everything came together wonderfully for you though! Cant wait to meet little Hadley!

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