Halloween Festivities

This age is so much fun during Halloween.

Friday afternoon we worked on our pumpkins.Cady painted hers.

While I cleaned out our big pumpkins. She even took some time out to help

After Cady went to bed, I was able to carve them

Sunday night we went trick-or-treating with Charlotte and her parents in their neighborhood. Cady was a butterfly. I found the wings and antenna on Etsy and made her the tutu.

Charlotte was the Wicked Witch. We got some pics of the green makeup but she decided quickly she didn’t want it on.

And then we were off.

They got the hang of it really quickly

We all had a great time.

About the third or fourth house we hit, this man answered the door with a long black gown and a SUPER scary mask on. Cady ran like she had been shot out of a cannon. I’m pretty sure she would have been fine with being done right then. We had to talk her into going to anymore houses.

We were laughing so hard we were crying.

It was a fabulous Halloween!



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2 responses to “Halloween Festivities

  1. Julee

    I am glad you got the one of them holding hands. You are quick! Cady’s costume was so cute and she looked absolutely adorable!

  2. Grandma

    That is the cutest butterfly i’ve ever seen. Cute witch too. They are adorable.

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