Dance fundamentals

So I can admit that I enrolled Cady in dance just as much (if not more) for me as for her. I know she enjoys it, but she just isn’t at the age to tell me what types of things she wants to try. So at this point I get to try to narrow it down on my own.

I will also admit that I worry about being the parent who puts their kid in something they don’t want to be in, don’t enjoy, or aren’t any good at.

I was pretty sure dance wasn’t like that, but you know, you second guess yourself as a parent sometimes.

But lately Cady has really shown that she is actually gaining knowledge in dance class. She isn’t just going into class and repeating what her teacher does right then. She is retaining the things she is being taught and she seems to enjoy showing them off.

Monday morning, as I was helping her dress for dance class she started showing me the difference between point and flex. She is also randomly busting out plies all over the house. These are basic dance fundamentals! And they are the things that she needs to know to be a dancer. It was such a good moment to know that this *could* be her thing if she chooses to continue in dance.

Ok so now after all that, I was able to have her do point, flex and her plies on video.


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