Football Weekend – Round 2

On Sunday, the Texans played the Chiefs. Anyone who knows Jason knows he is a *huge* Chiefs fan. Jason was able to get tickets to the game and a pre-game party held in the Texans training facility.

We weren’t sure what the pre-game party was all about, but we knew there would be good food there and you can’t really pass that up. Plus it was a chance to check out the training facility which is pretty cool

They also had some former NFL players there for a meet and greet. One of the players just happened to be Dante Hall, who spent several years with the Chiefs. We were very excited to take the opportunity to meet him and get our pictures taken.

He stood on his tip toes so Jason wouldn’t tower over him

He rubbed my belly and said he was putting a little speed on it, so maybe Miss H will be a track star when she gets a little older. Momma can always hope at least.

He was a super nice guy. Really glad we got to meet him.

After the party we headed over to Reliant to watch the game. They always do some really cool stuff for the games. This game they were supporting the Army and those who have served.

They had this flag shaped like America for the Star Spangled Banner

On the way to the game, Jason and I got stuck behind a car that had a police escort. It was heading to the game too. We wondered what important person could be in the car.

Oh just former President George H.W. Bush

There to do the coin toss

The game started off REALLY great. KC scored on their first drive down the field.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end the way it began. We lost by 4 in the last minute. But it was a great game and we had such a good time. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a win.

So what did Cady do while we were at the game? Out wonderful friends, Julee and Rob, offered to have Cady over to have a playdate with Charlotte. I was so grateful but also concerned. Charlotte and Cady usually get along well, but you never know what you are going to get with 2 toddlers.

Judging by the pictures they took the girls got along great. (Julee, I borrowed these from you)

They played outside

They had a snack

They did each other’s hair and makeup

And they even watched the Chiefs play too!

Those are some sweet girls!

And Julee and Rob are awesome friends! We really cannot thank them enough for doing that for us. Thank you guys so much!!!


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2 responses to “Football Weekend – Round 2

  1. Grandma

    The hair and makeup pic is too cute! They are both adorable.

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