32 Months

Happy 32 Months Cady Cupcake!

She was awfully cheesy this month.

I don’t know if you have noticed the links at the end of some blogs. I’ve been trying to link back to pasts posts because I just love seeing how much she has changed. And I think looking back on these monthly posts is probably the most interesting.

On her 20 month post Cady was just beginning to say real, understandable words. I remember thinking how cool that was. I was so ready to hear her talk and communicate with me better. Little did I know she would never stop 😉

Now she carries on amazing conversations. She understands just an unbelievable amount. I can really reason with her now and it is awesome. Before we head out in public we have started having talks about what is expected of her. She really takes in all the info and retains it. It has really helped our experiences out in public. And I just think about how different it will be in one more year.

She is currently still my little tomboy and I love that. When I found out I was going to have a girl I thought about all the frilly, girly things I would get to partake in. And I still do. It’s a rare day she doesn’t have a bow in her hair and let’s face it, girl clothes are FUN! But I never knew how much I would love having a little girl who plays in the dirt and who isn’t scared of ANYTHING. I kind of feel I get the best of both worlds.

She is still awesome with the potty. We have phased out all the prizes for going to the potty. Sometimes she still asks for a sticker, but it’s just second nature at this point. She naps at school without a diaper, but she still asks for one here. I don’t want to push her, but I think next week we are going to try to go diaperless for naptime (she isn’t even close at bedtime). She wakes up dry from nap most days. I might be doing a lot of laundry next week.

It is so crazy to think about how close Cady is going to be to being a big sister when I take next month’s picture. She is going to make a fabulous big sister. I know I say that a lot, but I truly believe she understands as much as possible and really is thrilled. She has really started talking about her sister a lot more and asking tons of questions. If nothing else, she is definitely ready to see what this sister thing is all about.

We love you Cady Cupcake!

One Year Ago Today:20 Months



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2 responses to “32 Months

  1. What a precious update!! She’s gonna be a great Big Sister!

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