Old McDonald’s Farm

There is a petting zoo thing here locally. They always set up a “pumpkin patch” aka pumpkins on picnic tables. A group of us decided to get the kids together so we could get some pumpkin pics. Believe me this is just one of many opportunities we are taking in the pumpkins. I love Fall.

We thought with it being a weekday morning we would have the place basically to ourselves. We didn’t even think about field trips and 3 buses full of kiddos. But it surprisingly wasn’t bad at all. We took the opportunity to get the train ride in before all the school kids.

You can’t tell so much in that picture but I was totally wedged in that little car. They obviously did not design that train for 9 month pregnant people to ride. LOL!

Owen was checking everything out. He love the train ride

Cady had a blast too

We got a good look at a lot of the animals on this ride. Owen pointed several out to me and told me what they sounded like.

After our ride, we decided to get in the pumpkin patch before it got too crowded so we could get the photo ops. The good thing about this place is that every kid gets to pick a free pumpkin.

Cady really wanted to take her time and make sure she got just the right one

Since I was getting a lot of shots of the back of her head, I thought I could at least get the best part of her shirt. She picked the shirt out all by herself, but I just loved this part.

Two of the smaller siblings joined us. They were too cute sitting there not to grab a pic of them. Ethan (Owen’s little brother) and Ella (Kate’s little sister).

I love this one because Ella is like “Wha?!!?” They are so stinkin’ cute

Then we set all the kids up for a pic. Here are my best shots

(Back – Beckett, Kendall, Owen, Cady, and Ellis Front – Ethan, Ella, Kate and Ellie)

And probably the best (out of the 20ish I took) because we’ve got pretty much all the faces mostly toward the front

Cady then went back to make sure she was happy with her pumpkin choice. She was taking this really serious

She finally picked this little baby one in her hand

After we got all the pics we wanted we made the trek around the farm so the kids could feed and pet the animals.


Cady even let the goats eat right out of her hand

Cady, Kendall and Owen checking out the llama

And Cady also let this deer (that is a deer, right?) get really close and eat out of her hands

After they had their fill of animals and then were sanitized within an inch of their lives, we played for a while. I love pics of kids as they come off a slide. Their expressions are always priceless

Cady who for some reason would always get shot out and end up on her belly. No one else seemed to have that issue.


and Kate


Who was so proud of herself. She waited for acknowledgement when she was done. She always makes me laugh

We had a great time and this is only the beginning of pumpkin patch visits. We have at least 2 more planned.

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2 responses to “Old McDonald’s Farm

  1. Cady was so serious about that pumpkin! So cute!!
    We sure did time it perfectly. I didn’t even notice the field trip kids after we got through the entrance.

  2. Cute pics! I absolutely loved Cady’s BOO shirt. And how funny that O was telling you how the animals sound on the train ride. What a a great time!

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