Zoo Trip

During the Spring, we were making a trip to the zoo just about every other weekend. We got a membership from Cady’s Nanna and have really utilized it a lot. But when Summer came it just got way too hot to spend so much time outdoors. Now the weather is beautiful again, so we want to get back to enjoying that awesome gift.

We try to get there pretty early in the morning. More animals are out and active in the mornings and we get to spend more time before Cady hits the wall and NEEDS a nap.

We hit up the fish first.

One of the reasons we chose this weekend was because there was a brand new baby elephant! I think I’ve expressed my love for the baby elephants on the blog before. They are SOOOOOOO cute! Tupelo was born exactly a week ago, so she is still a teeny little baby.

We first visited Baylor, who was born back in the Spring. Baylor and Tupelo are half-siblings

I was afraid Tupelo wouldn’t be out since she is still so little. But I caught her over in another part of the cage. She was far away but I was able to get some pics. Seriously, how cute is this thing?!!?

Then we were able to hang out and watch one of the elephants get a bath

Next we checked out the primate area. Cady and Daddy took a little break on shady bench

The zoo also has a Dinosaur exhibit. They are mechanical dinosaurs that move and make noise. Not super impressive for adults, but it was right up Cady’s alley

These dinosaurs spit water. The child screamed at the triceratops, but the scariest looking ones that spit on her were her best friends. Go figure.

We spent A LOT of time at the Children’s Zoo playing on the play structure. She really got out a lot of energy there.

Then we were able to ride the carousel. I got to ride too! 😉

We had a really good time. It will likely be the last visit before our new addition arrives (my feet are definitely showing the signs of all the walking). But hopefully on the warmer days, we can make a trip soon as a family of 4!


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  1. Precious pics! It looks like it was a beautiful day! I love the last picture of you on the carrousel! So candid! Precious!

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