34 Weeks

For comparison, 34 weeks with Cady:

I think this was when I started getting Fat Face. I am interested to see if that happens this time around since I’m definitely gaining less weight

How Far Along: 34 Weeks!!!!

Size of baby: Everything says she should be about the size of a cantaloupe. So just under 5 lbs and about 18 inches long. But we know she is likely bigger. So she is more likely around 6 lbs and we know for sure she is longer since the ultrasound tech was able to get measurements.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: ~ +32 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes

Gender: Sweet little girl

Movement: She is moving a ton in there but things are super cramped for her. I can tell by her movements that she just doesn’t have a ton of room

What I miss: I don’t miss anything, really.

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well. It’s tough to fall asleep some nights. I got a lot of Restless Leg Syndrome with Cady that would prevent me from sleeping. So far none of tat this time thank goodness

Symptoms: Reflux like crazy. I have to sleep upright most nights
Cravings: Milk in general. Not just chocolate milk this week.

Best Moment this week: Just knowing we are that much closer to meeting her. Less than 40 days!

What I am looking forward to: I have a dr’s appt on Thursday and I always look forward to her heartbeat and knowing all is going well.

One Year Ago Today: A Is For Apple


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  1. Grandma

    In these pictures it looks like you were much bigger with Cady. I don’t know. Maybe with your shirt up? 🙂

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