33 Weeks

So I almost didn’t take pictures today. I have a horrible case of allergies right now and basically feel like death (after seeing these pictures, I apparently look like it too). But I guess this is what pregnancy is really like so here I am in all my allergic 33 week glory

And for comparison, 33 weeks with Cady:

How Far Along: 33 Weeks!!!!

Size of baby: Everything says she *should* be weighing a bit over 4.5 lbs. She is likely more around 5.5 lbs since we know she is measuring big. She is about the size of a pineapple.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: ~ +30 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity clothes

Gender: Sweet little girl

Movement: Her movement has slowed quite a bit. I can tell she is definitely feeling cramped in there.

What I miss: I don’t miss anything, really.

Sleep: I get up 3 or so times a night to use the bathroom, so that really cuts into sleep. The past few days I haven’t slept well, but I blame that more on my allergies than being pregnant.
Symptoms: Reflux like crazy. I have to sleep upright most nights
Cravings: Chocolate milk

Best Moment this week: Just knowing we are that much closer to meeting her. Less than 50 days!

What I am looking forward to: Just meeting this baby girl finally!



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3 responses to “33 Weeks

  1. You look just the same as with Cady…but look at how tiny your booty is this time around!! I need your secret!! =) Almost there…hang in there.

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