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Costume Parade and Class Party

Thursday was Cady’s big Halloween celebration at school. She got to wear a costume.

This isn’t her official Halloween costume. Her official costume didn’t seem like it would be easy to deal with when it came to the potty. Her Uncle Breeze brought this to her a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty much perfect for what we needed.

The whole school participated in a costume parade throughout the church campus. They made stops along the way to get candy in their treat bags.

There were so many cute costumes.

After the parade, the kids went back to their classrooms for a short time before chapel. It was really fun to be able to observe her in her classroom with her friends.

She loves the magna doodle. It is what she always goes to first.

They sang their welcome song. Cady was very into it even if she was about a beat behind the whole time

They went over some of the things they work on every day. Their colors of the month, letters of the month, days of the week, etc. Cady was a star pupil and participated well.

They still had a little time before chapel, so they played with some toys and read.

This is Logan. Logan *might* be Cady’s little boyfriend. They are pretty cute together. Logan was a ninja. Girls love ninjas πŸ˜‰

After chapel, the kids came back to have some pizza and other goodies all the moms brought. They decorated a cookie and a little foam pumpkin magnet.

It was a really great time and I am so glad that I got the opportunity to participate.

Before we left I had to get a picture of Cady and her sweet teachers.

Ms. Diane

and Ms. Nikki

I love these two ladies and how much they love my daughter!

One Year Ago Today: I Got Nothin’…




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Dance fundamentals

So I can admit that I enrolled Cady in dance just as much (if not more) for me as for her. I know she enjoys it, but she just isn’t at the age to tell me what types of things she wants to try. So at this point I get to try to narrow it down on my own.

I will also admit that I worry about being the parent who puts their kid in something they don’t want to be in, don’t enjoy, or aren’t any good at.

I was pretty sure dance wasn’t like that, but you know, you second guess yourself as a parent sometimes.

But lately Cady has really shown that she is actually gaining knowledge in dance class. She isn’t just going into class and repeating what her teacher does right then. She is retaining the things she is being taught and she seems to enjoy showing them off.

Monday morning, as I was helping her dress for dance class she started showing me the difference between point and flex. She is also randomly busting out plies all over the house. These are basic dance fundamentals! And they are the things that she needs to know to be a dancer. It was such a good moment to know that this *could* be her thing if she chooses to continue in dance.

Ok so now after all that, I was able to have her do point, flex and her plies on video.


One Year Ago Today: Pumpkin Carving

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Pumpkin Patch 2010 – Round 2

And this isn’t the last one either! One reason we are taking so many trips is that we are skipping our big family trip this year. It is just far too hot for this pregnant lady to be standing in a field of pumpkins with a ton of other people. So I’m trying to get my pumpkin fix.

We met up with a few friends last week to play in the pumpkins and take some pics.

I love when they hold hands.

Cady had to go visit the mummy first things first

We threw a blanket down and tried to get some shots of them all together. I think they turned out pretty good!

AH! There we go! A smile from Owen.

Ethan felt a little left out

So we had to set them up for a brother picture. Hopefully their mommy got better shots than I did.

We were trying to round up the whole crew again because Charlotte had joined us. While we were waiting for Kendall, these three looked like they were in timeout or something

We got them all together, but getting a good pic of everyone was a little more difficult

Kendall was apparently over that pumpkin. LOL!

We also all took the opportunity to take some pics with the moms in them since we had photographers on hand.

One more try with just the girls. Owen was over the pictures at this point and had moved on to snacking. I don’t blame him at all.

We had lost them by this point. So we called it a day and headed to lunch.

One Year Ago Today: Sticker Art


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36 Weeks

How Far Along: 36 Weeks

Size of baby: She is probably close to 7lbs and nearing her full length of 20ish or so inches. She is about the size of a crenshaw melon (???)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Probably around 32 lbs

Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes

Gender: Sweet little girl

Movement: Still moving a lot. She is cramped for sure. She is still getting the hiccups multiple times a day, including the middle of the night.

What I miss: Still loving every second. This has nothing to do with the pregnancy but I miss the cooler temperatures we had for a while. This Indian Summer is for the birds.

Sleep:I am still sleeping wonderfully. There are the rare times I wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep for a little while. But I really think I am so tired that not a whole lot is going to keep me from sleep
Symptoms: Tiredness, a little swelling at the end of the day. Nothing major. And nothing I can’t deal with for a few more weeks
Cravings: Culver’s Heath Concretes. I really did so good up until this point on substituting healthy stuff for the sweet things I was craving. But I’ve given in.

Best Moment this week: I love talking to Cady about it all. She is so excited for her baby sister and that makes me even more excited

What I am looking forward to: Today my wonderful friends are throwing me a baby “sprinkle” I am so excited to get together with these ladies and celebrate! Hopefully I will have some pics to post this afternoon.

One Year Ago Today: Caught With Her Pants Down


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The Chicken Dance

Our good friend, Vince, bought us this chicken that walks around and plays “The Chicken Dance” when you press a button. It’s an inside joke between us all. For the longest time it sat in the top of our closet because it annoys the hell out of me. LOL.

One day, my genius husband thought it was a great idea to show it to our toddler who likes really noisy things. I swear he did it because he is away from her 10 hours a day and doesn’t fully grasp how something like that can make me want to jump out a window.

So now Cady is in possession of this chicken. When cleaning her toy room, I stuff it under other things. So she will go weeks without unearthing it. Well this week she has found it again. Jason thought it was the perfect opportunity to attempt to teach her the Chicken Dance. Great. Let’s make this noisy toy even more fun by adding a dance to it πŸ˜‰ Just kidding. Her doing this dance pretty much makes the stupid chicken bearable.

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Pumpkin Patch 2010

Round 1

Yes I intend to make at least 1-2 more visits to the pumpkin patch.

This week Cady and I went alone with a very specific mission. I purchased a dress (and a matching newborn sized onesie!) from my sweet and OH SO talented friend, Becca (Too Cute Creations). The dress is adorable and perfect AND white. Cady isn’t one to shy away from getting dirty. But I wanted some pictures of her in the dress with some pumpkins. I thought, maybe, if it was just her she wouldn’t be as interested in running around and I might have a better shot at keeping the dress cleanish.

Here is what we came up with:

I did let her have a little fun. One of the sweet pumpkin patch workers helped her out at the mummy cut out

She got to play in the maze

And she did some crafts. They had a rubber mallet, some golf tees and a pumpkin. What an ingenious idea. Cady loved it.

Not sure who she is giving the stink eye to in this one.

The dress got a *little* dirty, but nothing that won’t come out. I got my pics. And now she will be casual and comfy for our following visits to the patch.

One Year Ago Today: Daddy’s Caddy


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Dance Class

I’ve been forgetting my camera at home for the last few dance classes. I actually remembered this week. I feel like I give you the same pictures of dance class every single week. So I decided to try something different. They are learning a routine (I think it is called The SugarPlum Lullaby). I decided to attempt a video of it.

It is still through the viewing window, so you don’t hear anything but the moms talking. We aren’t super exciting so I would recommend turning the sound down. Cady normally does much better than she did today, but you can get an idea of what they are doing.


One Year Ago Today: If You’re Happy and You Know It…

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Football Weekend – Round 2

On Sunday, the Texans played the Chiefs. Anyone who knows Jason knows he is a *huge* Chiefs fan. Jason was able to get tickets to the game and a pre-game party held in the Texans training facility.

We weren’t sure what the pre-game party was all about, but we knew there would be good food there and you can’t really pass that up. Plus it was a chance to check out the training facility which is pretty cool

They also had some former NFL players there for a meet and greet. One of the players just happened to be Dante Hall, who spent several years with the Chiefs. We were very excited to take the opportunity to meet him and get our pictures taken.

He stood on his tip toes so Jason wouldn’t tower over him

He rubbed my belly and said he was putting a little speed on it, so maybe Miss H will be a track star when she gets a little older. Momma can always hope at least.

He was a super nice guy. Really glad we got to meet him.

After the party we headed over to Reliant to watch the game. They always do some really cool stuff for the games. This game they were supporting the Army and those who have served.

They had this flag shaped like America for the Star Spangled Banner

On the way to the game, Jason and I got stuck behind a car that had a police escort. It was heading to the game too. We wondered what important person could be in the car.

Oh just former President George H.W. Bush

There to do the coin toss

The game started off REALLY great. KC scored on their first drive down the field.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end the way it began. We lost by 4 in the last minute. But it was a great game and we had such a good time. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a win.

So what did Cady do while we were at the game? Out wonderful friends, Julee and Rob, offered to have Cady over to have a playdate with Charlotte. I was so grateful but also concerned. Charlotte and Cady usually get along well, but you never know what you are going to get with 2 toddlers.

Judging by the pictures they took the girls got along great. (Julee, I borrowed these from you)

They played outside

They had a snack

They did each other’s hair and makeup

And they even watched the Chiefs play too!

Those are some sweet girls!

And Julee and Rob are awesome friends! We really cannot thank them enough for doing that for us. Thank you guys so much!!!


One Year Ago Today: Socks


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35 Weeks

How Far Along: 35 Weeks!!!!

Size of baby:She is probably getting close to her full length of 20-22 inches and she likely weighs about 6.5 lbs now. About the size of a honeydew melon

Total Weight Gain/Loss: As of last Thursday, I am officially up 31 lbs

Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes

Gender: Sweet little girl

Movement: Still lots of movements but it definitely is different than when she had room. She gets the hiccups ALL THE TIME. I don’t ever remember Cady getting them. But she will get them sometimes 5-6 times a day.

What I miss: I don’t miss anything, really.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping well this last week. And I’ve only been getting up once a nice. Pretty nice
Symptoms: I’m definitely tiring out easier. If I’m on my feet too much they will swell. But nothing too bad
Cravings: Still milk

Best Moment this week: The Dr’s appt. All is well and we are just waiting for her now

What I am looking forward to: Just meeting her. We are less than 30 days away. Can’t wait!

One Year Ago Today: Are you ready for some football?!?!


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Football Weekend – Round 1

It was a big weekend very much focused on football.

On Saturday, we drove a couple of hours North to watch UCA play. We don’t get a ton of opportunities to see them so we try to take every chance we get.

We were all dressed the part to cheer on the Bears in our purple. I know mine doesn’t match but at 9 months pregnant I’ve got to work with what I’ve got.

It was a nice day, if a little hot, for football. Cady was excited to watch the Bears play.

And just a cute one of her and Daddy enjoying the game

Who knew that having the cutest fan doesn’t guarantee a win? Unfortunately that didn’t even help us because we lost. But we had a great time. We had plans to make the trip west to see them play Texas State, but I think I’m going to be just a little too pregnant at that point. Luckily, we will be able to watch it on tv. Hopefully the outcome will be different.


One Year Ago Today: Pumpkin Patch 2009


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