Just a couple of cute pics

I don’t have anything to write about. We’ve pretty much done nothing all weekend. Well, I say that. I’ve done a lot this weekend. I’m definitely nesting. Big time. But for the most part, as a family, we just hung out and watched some football and chilled. Love weekends like this!

So since I don’t have something exciting to write about I just have some random pictures that don’t really go with anything else.

Cady is on a roll with using the potty. One technique that has worked for us is a potty prize for poo-pooing on the potty. We just went to the Dollar Store and stocked up on trinkets and toys. Basically a bunch of crap that is going to annoy me as it is left all over the house 😉 But it has worked to get Cady on board. I do think we are going to try to phase out the rewards for using the potty though, when all of these are used up.

Daddy was helping her with one of her prizes. I don’t think she quite got the idea of how it actually works to blow up her beach ball.

And this is just a plain cute one. A friend of mine made this hat for Cady. She is trying to grow her Etsy business a little and is making a facebook page to get the word out a little more. She asked some friends that have her products for pictures wearing them. So this is Cady’s hat from Bitter o’Clock (Etsy page here and Facebook Fan page here)

That’s all I’ve got. We have dance later this morning and I *plan* to take my camera. Plus tomorrow I will HOPEFULLY have some ultrasound pictures from my dr’s appt. Hope you have a great Monday!


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