Show Us Your Life — Master Bedrooms

Kelly’s Korner is doing her “Show Us Your Life” series again. And again she is doing the home tour. I decided to play this week because my master bedroom is one of my favorite rooms of the house.

Most of these photos are old, but nothing has changed except the bedding we *just* got.

This is the view from the entrance to our bedroom

LOL at teeny baby Cady in the floor. That shows you how old these pictures are.

Our bedroom set was out first big purchase as a married couple. We lived together before we were married, but we lived like a couple of college kids. We had a bunch of mismatched furniture that were hand me downs from our parents.

So this bedroom set was the first big decorating collaboration we had. We got it from Rooms To Go and I’m still thrilled with it. I think it really fits our contemporary style but is pretty classic at the same time.

One thing we loved about this house when we first looked at it was that the master bedroom connected to one of the other bedrooms. I think we both saw the potential for the perfect nursery. The open doorway on the left is the entrance into the nursery.

It was the perfect spot for Cady her first year and I know it will be the same for the new baby. Now what we will do after the first year or so is yet to be seen. But we will figure it out. We may be installing a door there so there is more privacy available for everyone.

This is the view from the nursery

The tulip print is probably one of my favorite things in my whole house. I found it on SUPER SUPER sale at Target one day. The color and style fit in perfectly with our room and tulips just happen to be my favorite flower and our wedding flower.

The lampshades and lamps we found at Lowe’s one day just out of the blue. They also just sort of fell into our laps but were exactly what we were looking for. The sconces on the walls are from Target. When we lived in Tennessee we just had two of them. After we moved into this house we felt we needed something more than we had on the walls. Luckily Target still had them in stock so we bought a couple more sets.

In the couple of years since these have been taken the only thing that has changed has been our bedding. We received the above bedding as a wedding gift. So this year for my birthday I asked for a new set.

This is what I came up with:



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3 responses to “Show Us Your Life — Master Bedrooms

  1. SHO

    Love that new bedding! Very much the look you were going for. Thanks for the sweet comments 🙂


  2. teresa

    There are so many GREAT bedrooms…love yours…….Great blog….Happy Saturday!
    I have a Christmas ornament giveaway on my holiday bog that ends Sunday night….

  3. I love yalls furniture! And the new bedding you got for your birthday! I’m a big fan of the green & brown color scheme. Yall did a great job on yalls room!

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