Dance Class: Week 4

We missed out on dance on Monday because Miss Cupcake was sickly(ish). She was definitely feeling much better yesterday and even went to school. So today we decided to hit up a different dance class for a makeup.

I was a little concerned for a few reasons. Cady is only 2.5. Dance is technically for 3 and up. Sandy, who is such a blessing to us, allowed Cady and some of the other Kindermusik kids that she has known for years now to join since she knows that they can follow directions. We all pretty much joined the same class, so for the most part it is a younger class. I figured this one would not be. Another friend did a makeup class with some of the older kids and found it to be a bad experience. Let’s face it, 2.5 year olds are pretty open to suggestion, so if the older kids aren’t acting right it’s going to be a fight to get the 2.5 year old to do the right thing too.

Cady can also be a bit squirmy, so she definitely doesn’t need any encouragement from older kids. And I was curious how she would do in a class with all new girls.

Why do I ever worry about this stuff? This kid is so stinkin’ adaptable. She kept up with the older girls (some as old as 4!) like a little dance pro.

It may be just that she is getting used to the routine of dance and she now knows what Miss Bri expects. And one thing I can say about her is that she wants to please. But she really did such a fabulous job today.

Class even went a little long today and Cady stayed with it and did her best. Cady Cupcake, I am so proud of you. You are my Prima Ballerina!

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3 responses to “Dance Class: Week 4

  1. I wouldn’t have even thought there would be a problem with the older kids. Kendall loves playing with the “big kids”. It’s too cute!! You have no need to worry…..Cady is great, all the time. Sorry Kendall wasn’t well enough to join ya’ll today, at dance! But, it looks like Cady had a blast anyway!!

  2. Yep, sometimes the older kids can be harder to work with than the younger ones. I’m sure it wasnt a good idea for us to attend the afternoon class when they were all cranky! lol Glad yall had a better experience. Rylie told everybody all weekend about lunch with yall & Cady fall down & get owie-boo-boo & cry. She was so concerned for her friend!

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