Sick Day

This weekend Cady came down with a little cold. There has been snot, coughing, and even a little puking. I’m pretty sure she is on the mend but her cough still sounds awfully rough. So today we are home bound. Cady was pretty upset with me when I told her no dance class. Hopefully, we an get her well enough to make it to a class later in the week.

So what does a busy-not-so-sick little girl do on a sick day?

She makes mom some Halloween art to hang up

And dress up like a princess, of course.

Yes, that is her flowergirl dress and I’m not sure I’m ever going to be able to get it off her. She now claims she needs princess shoes.



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2 responses to “Sick Day

  1. LOVE It!! Kendall’s been home, sick, painting today! Let me know what make-up dance class ya’ll are planning to go to. HOpefully Kendall will be well enough to go too!

  2. Ooops, I sent it before finishing my comment!!

    I hope Cady is feeling better soon!!

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