Top Chef

Yesterday, although it was my birthday, I did a lot of work. I prepared 3 dinners in one day. Don’t get me wrong, I had some me time. But I prepared a lasagna for my dear friends who had a baby last week and took it to them that morning. Then this evening I prepared chicken manicotti. I made a double batch. One went in the oven for us to eat for dinner, and one went into the freezer. As I am getting more and more tired, cooking dinner is becoming much more of a chore I don’t want to do. So I am trying to building up some freezer stock.

Needless to say, Cady saw me in the kitchen a lot yesterday. I don’t normally wear my apron while cooking (just baking) but yesterday I felt kinda cute and didn’t want to risk my dress. Let me say that a 3o week pregnant lady in an apron is kinda comical. Cady thought it looked just about like the funnest thing ever. So she asked me to let her put an “ape on” (LOL!). She has a little apron I keep around her kitchen set normally, but for some reason it was MIA. I remembered that when she was probably 3 months old, I found a cupcake apron/chef set at Cracker Barrel. It was for a 5 year old, but it was on clearance and I couldn’t pass it up.I knew it would be well used down the road. I pulled that out of the closet and hooked her right up with her “ape on” Hat and all!

She rushed away to get started cooking and didn’t even have time to pose for any pictures.

She is possibly the next Paula Deen. She was quite descriptive in telling me exactly what she was doing the whole time. There is a cooking show in this kid’s future.

She kept her “ape on” for quite a while, but eventually shed it soon after I took mine off. But as soon as Daddy came home she had to show him what treasure we had found at the back of the closet.

I look forward to the day that she is cooking ME dinner.


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  1. OMG- that is adorable! I love the last picture with the huge grin!! Precious!

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